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Mercenary - Escape From Targ
Title:Mercenary - Escape From Targ
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Game ending type:Has an end, game ends
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Released by:Novagen Software Ltd
Coded by:Woakes, Paul
Notes:A legendary 3D classic. It was published for several platforms. It was followed by a sequel: The Second City.
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Download from Plus/4 World
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  Hungarian version:
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  External links:
    ZX Spectrum release
    C64 release
    Amiga release
    Amstrad CPC release
    Atari 8bit release
    Atari ST release
    Mercenary fan site

User Rating: 9.6/10 (28 votes)
Mercenary - Escape From Targ Title Screenshot

Mercenary - Escape From Targ Screenshot

Derived Software
Mercenary - Flucht Aus Targ

Appeared On Compilations
Mercenary Compendium Edition

Tips: Commodore Világ 25 (Magazine/Hungarian) Page 25
Tips: H And D's C16 Plus/4 Handbook Volume 1 Issue 9 (Magazine/English) Page 17
Review: Commodore Computing International August 1986 (Magazine/English) Page 52
Reviewed: Commodore Welt C16 116 P4 Special Testjahrbuch 1988 3/88 (Magazine/German) Page 5
Review: Retro Gamer 137 (Magazine/English) Page 81

TitleCreated byPlatformHomepageNotes

Cassette Cover
Cassette Cover
Alternative Cassette Cover (Mercenary Compendium Edition)
Alternative Cassette Cover (Mercenary Compendium Edition)
Disk Cover Front
Disk Cover Front
Disk Cover Back
Disk Cover Back

Additional Software Materials
Instructions Leaflet
Instructions Leaflet
Taken from The Mercenary Site.

Cassette or Box Photo
Taken from The Mercenary Site.

Download: mercenary_central_city.jpg
Description: Comprehensive tourist-guide to Targ Central City
Dimensions: 1645x2321
File size: 868 KB. From Darron Broad's collectors map of Mercenary. Scanned by Lando.
Game Map (Underground Bases) Preview
Download: roepipi_targ_underground_bases.jpg
Created by RoePipi.
Description: Game Map (Underground Bases)
Dimensions: 2240x1660
File size: 1.23 MB.
Game Map (City) Preview
Download: roepipi_targ_city.jpg
Created by RoePipi.
Description: Game Map (City)
Dimensions: 2367x1644
File size: 1.60 MB.

Keyboard Controls
BBoard Vehicle
LLeave Vehicle
EOperate Elevator
TTake Object
DDrop object
0-9Power Level
SHIFT+0-9Power Level (Reverse)
+Increase Power
-Decrease Power
CTRL+RETURNPause Game (any key to restart)
CTRL+SSave Gameplay
CTRL+LLoad Gameplay
CTRL+QQuit Situation*

*Used to get out of irretrievable situations. This places the player on board the Dominion Dart (even if it had been destroyed or not previously used) on the planet surface in the same area of the city, whether they were above or below ground. If the player was outside the city limits, they are placed in a random location in the city. Game progress is not lost, but any objects carried are randomly scattered throughout the city.

Commodore Computing International Review (August 1986)
(Note: this review was followed by a review of The Second City for the C64)

One of the outstanding games events of the year is the release of Mercenary. What's that? It isn't new? You read the review and the ‘Awesome' rating in CCI already? You're going to turn the page? I wouldn't do that if I were you, Mister….!
This is no second look at the same thing. It is a record of the second and third stage of what looks like the beginnings of a Mercenary Industry. Remember Cindy dolls? Well, Novagen's Awesome game could turn out to rival Cindy for its multiple side products.
As Novagen have realised, when you've got a great game, you can build a whole new world on it. First, for those Plus/4 owners out there who have been salivating while the spectacular Mercenary artwork has been paraded across the magazines bearing the health warning of '64 owners only', your time has come!! Novagen has taken mercy on you and here, my plus/4 friends, is the game of 1986 for you. (At least so far, Ed.) This has got to be the outstanding conversion to the Plus/4. True, Mercenary lends itself ideally to the sprite-free atmosphere of the Plus/4. True, it is a game whose complex ramifications, the Targ Survival Kit, the free Hint Sheets, the full colour map, etcetera, etcetera, apply as much to Plus/4 as 64. True, the hints and clues in the novelette that accompanies it are as enigmatic, at least to me, in the Plus/4 Mercenary as the 64 but you've got to hand it to Novagen - not only have they created a legend but they've done a marvellous conversion that stands up to any comparison. Eat your heart out, 64 owners, someone's going to have the pleasure of playing Mercenary for the first time. Can one game get two Awesomes? You bet your Targan Megacredits it can!

Graphics: 5/5; Sound: 4/5; Playability: 5/5; CCI Rating: AWESOME

Image Gallery
Mercenary - Escape From Targ Screenshot #1I'm going to take this elevator.
Mercenary - Escape From Targ Screenshot #2Down in the Hangar.
Mercenary - Escape From Targ Screenshot #3This door looks inviting!

Game Notes
When destroying ATARI signs (not all Mechanoid!), the game responds: "Good Show!"

If you destroy Author's Advert (02-03), which is an ad to his first C64 game, Encounter, the game responds: "You have just destroyed - Author's Advert - Things are going to be - tough from now on". The game probably gets more difficult (unconfirmed). If you have destroyed the advert and attempt to leave Targ, you get the following message: "The author won't let - you leave until you - fix his advert".

If you either steal the Dominion Dart, destroy the Palyar Commander's brother-in-law's house, or destroy his new ship, the following message is added to the ending: "The Palyar Commander's - brother-in-law - is pleased you've gone".

For destroying all Mechanoid buildings: You receive a message from the Palyars: "We are most pleased - you have destroyed all - key opposition sites - You will find a reward - inside the red hangar". In the red hangar (09-06) you will find the Pass.

For destroying all Palyar buildings: You receive a message from the Mechanoids: "We are most pleased - you have destroyed all - key opposition sites". But they give you nothing!

Palyar Briefing
We will reward - delivery of our needs - to appropriate rooms in - the Palyar Colony Craft - - There is a big fee for - a captured mechanoid - - Only when you know how - to choose them from us - destroy all Mechanoid - occupied locations for - very special gratitude

Mechanoid Briefing
We will pay - for Palyar requirements - when delivered to our - control in this complex - - We may also pay for - destruction of selected - Palyar installations - - Briefing ends

You can only carry 10 items at one time.
[ID] ItemLocationUsesSell PalyarsSell MechanoidsNotes
[$2C] Catering provisions09-06Sell itPalyar Kitchen for $60,000N/AIt's a huge box of sardines!
[$22] Large box09-06Sell itPalyar Stores for $35,000Mechanoid Stores for $80,000
[$29] Medical supplies09-06Sell itPalyar Infirmary for $40,000N/A
[$1F] Energy crystal09-06Sell itPalyar Power Room for $100,000Mechanoid Power Room for $100,000
[$2A] Essential 12939 Supply03-00Sell itPalyar Conference Room For $50,000N/ANote what the box label spells out if you look at it from behind!
[$2B] Winchester**-**Sell itPalyar Laboratory for $100,000Mechanoid Laboratory for $250,000
Mechanoid03-00Sell itPalyar Interview Room for $250,000N/AThe Mechanoids say "Put back our leader!"
[$23] Useful Armament11-13Sell itPalyar Armoury for $65,000Mechanoid Armoury for $120,000
[$26] Gold81-35Sell itPalyar Exchequer for $100,000N/A
Neutron Fuel09-05Sell itPalyar Engine Room for $200,000Mechanoid Fuel Stores for $250,000Can only be carried with the Antigrav and the Kitchen Sink
[$2D] Databank03-15Sell itPalyar Control Room for $100,000N/A
[$28] Sights09-06Easier navigation
[$1E] Antenna09-05Needed in the Communication Room at 09-06
[$10] Photon emitter09-05See in dark rooms
Cheese11-13Fly it!It's a very fast ship that you can even carry around!
[$18] Anti Time BombPalyar Colony CraftUse to restore destroyed buildings
[$20] Coffin09-05UselessDead weight!
[$1C] Poweramp09-06Make Dominion Dart go faster
[$1B] Antigrav09-05Allows you to pick up the Neutron Fuel, and vehicles.
[$1A] Metal Detector09-05Tells which building is Palyar (Green), Mechanoid (Blue) or Neutral (Red). This appears on the text bar.
Novadrive**-**Needed for the interstellar shipNot needed if you rent an interstellar ship
[$2E] Pass03-15Allows access from the surface to the hangar at 03-15
Kitchen SinkPalyar Colony CraftAllows you to pick up almost anything
Cobweb09-06Allows you to go through any locked doorsCan only be picked up with the Kitchen Sink

Hidden Text
To see these hidden messages before the game starts, use the cracked prg version.

At $4FD0:

At $BC50:
ATARI version 1.2
Copyright (C) 1981 OSS

This second message is from OSS OS/A+, a disk-based DOS for Atari 8-bit computers. Paul Woakes developed his 8-bit games on Atari computers.

Solutions - Complete
It is possible to escape from Targ in less than 15 minutes using the following solution:

1: Buy or steal the Dominion Dart (your choice).
2: Go to the hangar at Loc. 11-13. Leave the Dart. On one wall of the hangar there are three doors. Go through the door on the left, then get the cheese. Return to the hangar and go up to the surface. Drop the cheese, then board it.
3: Go to the hangar at Loc. 81-35. On the wall with the two 'normal' doors, go through the door on the left. Get the key, then go back and exit the hangar.
4: Go to the Palyar Colony Craft hangar. One wall has a single door, go through this door. Go into the elevator on the left. After exiting the elevator, go through the door nearest to you. Go through the first door on the right (into the kitchen) and get the Kitchen Sink. Go back and exit the hangar.
5: Go to the hangar at Loc. 09-06. There are two doors in one corner of the hangar, go through the door on the left. Get the cobweb, then go back and exit the hangar.
6: Go to the hangar at Loc. 09-05. On one wall there is a single triangular door. Go through this door and get the Photon Emitter. Go back and exit the hangar.
7: Find the hangar in the Loc. **-** area. Leave the cheese (you don't need it anymore). Go through the only door in this hangar, and keep going through each room to the next (avoiding the transporters) until you find the Novadrive. Get it, then go back to the room with the transporters. Go in the middle transporter (the one with the 'X' on the door).
8: Exit the transporter, then go through the door at the far end of the room, then go through the door on the left, then the door ahead, then the door with the skull & crossbones.
9: Board the interstellar ship and exit the hangar.
10: Press Y to launch!

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>7700 9999 million credits

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