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MIK wrote: "Lone News is a CLASS Plus/4 diskmag packed with news, reviews, graphics and sound all about the Plus/4 world today! Theres more to the Plus/4 than meets the eyes and when you start reading you soon be gob sacked of what is happening out there."

"Lone News" has been named that way because of two reasons: first, Luca has created it all alone, coded the program, drew PETSCII logos charset and bitmaps, composed the tunes and wrote all the articles by himself; second, the magazine has born in the worst time for the Plus/4 scene, during the period when the releases ratio per years reached the lowest and almost everybody did loose interest, away from the retro fans wave which would come in the '00 era.

The code itself has been put together when the author had very little knowledge about assembly, and this is clearly evident in the overall roughness of the way the magazine runs. Nonetheless, it has never been changed along the years, apart of including the SIDcard support from issue 11.

Lone News 01
Title:Lone News 01
Category:Magazine/First Issue [ More Issues ]
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
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Released by:Fantastic Italian Research Enterprise (FIRE)
Created by:C., Luca (Luca)
Uncredited (Additional Coded by):C., IstvŠn (Coby)
Uncredited (Additional Coded by):H., Levente (TLC)
Notes:Contains an interview with SJP.
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User Rating: 9/10 (1 vote)
Lone News 01 Title Screenshot

Lone News 01 Screenshot

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