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Kaputörő (Doorcrasher)
Title:Kaputörő (Doorcrasher)
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Basic + Machine code
Coded by:A., Márton (MAT)
Notes:AKA Kaputoro. The intro requires all F-keys pressed at the same time. Most PC keyboards can't handle this, so press reset, then SYS4099 to run the game. Microdisco/Pigmy is mentioned in the game, this puts the release date to 1988 (or earlier).
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  FLD intro (alternative):
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  FLD intro:
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User Rating: 6/10 (3 votes)
Kaputörő Title Screenshot

Kaputörő Screenshot

Game Endings
This game has an ending!


News: Commodore Világ 46/47 (Magazine/Hungarian) Page 54

PartEffect nameParametersNotes

Known Releases
At now, the game seems to have been spreaded in three different known releases: a working one with no FLD intro, a packed one with the FLD intro and an alternative FLD intro version packed with JB-packer V5.2 (yet not known in this version).

Given that the 'no FLD intro' works flawlessly, the other two versions with the additional intro are both broken: in some ways, the additional intro and packing involves a data overlapping of the music table at $8000-$9CFF, and that's the reason why in the latter ones, the music breaks at a certain play time.
The former FLD intro version has $0E values foverlapping the area $8B25-$8B60. The alternative FLD intro version shows the beginning line of Mat's Compresser at around $8ED0.

Cheats - How do I use cheats?
Run/Stop + ResetStop game
>53C5 8FLosing goes to next level
X / RUNRestart game

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