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Hexenkuche (Cauldron)
Title:Hexenkuche (Cauldron)
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Game ending type:Has an end, game ends
Coded by:S., Tamás (TCFS)
Notes:AKA Hexenkueche, Hexenküche, Hexen Kuche.
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  External links:
    C64 release
    ZX Spectrum release
    Amstrad CPC release

User Rating: 8.2/10 (8 votes)
Hexenkuche Title Screenshot

Hexenkuche Screenshot

Game Endings
This game has an ending!

Description, Map: Commodore Világ 18 (Magazine/Hungarian) Page 30

Download: hexenkuche_map_forest.gif
Created by TCFS.
Description: Game Map - Forest
Dimensions: 8235x152
File size: 32 KB.
Download: hexenkuche_map_tomb1.gif
Created by TCFS.
Description: Game Map - Tomb 1
Dimensions: 1920x900
File size: 52 KB.
Download: hexenkuche_map_tomb2.gif
Created by TCFS.
Description: Game Map - Tomb2
Dimensions: 2520x780
File size: 54 KB.

Gameplay Instructions
How To Fly

Your character starts on the ground. To start flying, follow these instructions:
* Go right to find the open area (approx. 1.5 screen widht to the right from the house)
* Press down to prepare for flying
* Press up to elevate yourself
(If nothing happens, move left or right with one pixel and try again. You can only start flying in specific horizontal locations. Sorry for this bug, pals :-)))

How to enter into an underground tomb

Flying above the forest, you can find a key. Collect that and land right to a red coloured tomb with a big wooden door. This is the entrance to the chambers lying under the ground.

There are 3 different underground areas there.

Flying in the underground chambers

When the jump is not enough, you can fly in the underground chambers. Just hold the SHIFT/Fire key for 2 seconds. You are free to control yourself while flying. But be careful: the magic score depletes soon and you will die!
You can stop flying by pressing the SHIFT/Fire again for 2 seconds.

Solutions - Complete
Collect all of the magic potion components (can be found in the deep of underground chambers) ang go back to the house. A cute end sequence will be played and shows the miracle.

Hints for Tomb 1

There are 2 hidden teleports in this tomb. Both of them are camouflaged and look like a lethal lava flow.

The first one is protected by a ghost. You must walk after the ghost and step down onto the lava before the ghost turns over.

The second teleport can be found in the chamber which has 3 vertical pipes with lava at the bottom. One of the pipes contains the teleport, jumping into the wrong pipe will reduce your lives.

Hints for Tomb 2

Down to the Tomb 2 you can find a ghost (down from the entrance hall) who moves too fast to evade him. Remember the magic sentence from Tomb 1: "The Monster's power is in the lightness..."

Extinguish the topmost candle (below the pumpkin's track) by jumping onto that. This will slow down the ghost.

The last room with the treasure box looks impossible to solve. A lethal lava flow at the bottom and no ramps and platforms to jump across. And you CANNOT fly here even you have enough magic power. But remember the magic sentence got here when you picked up the key: "Listen to the fire and move with him..."

There is an invisible moving platform which moves exactly the same x position as the fireball in the top of the room. Just follow the fire and walk in the "air" to access the box on the left.

Cheats - How do I use cheats?
When the program asks for your name, please type CHEAT. The ancient paper roll will fly out to left and and in-game cheat menu will appear. You can turn the cheats on/off by using F1-F3 keys. Help key will exit this menu.

You can always use the CHEAT word on the 'Enter your name' box to activate this menu for activating/deactivating the cheats later.
Activating cheat menu

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