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Autumn Colors
Title:Autumn Colors
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Released by:Electronic Disaster Crew (EDC)
Coded by:P., Zoltán (MC)
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Plus/4 World
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User Rating: 7.8/10 (17 votes)
Autumn Colors Screenshot

Appeared On Compilations
Club Info 80

4ever0316K Demo514

PartEffect nameParametersNotes
SID Support 
Parallax Parallax scroller with two layers of background.
PlasmaArea: Fullscreen Frame rate: 2.2 Color mode: ECM 

Image Gallery
Autumn Colors Screenshot #1
Autumn Colors Screenshot #2
Autumn Colors Screenshot #3
Autumn Colors Screenshot #4
Autumn Colors Screenshot #5

MC's Short Note
I wanted to break the usual black-background + same color's three shades color scheme that was overused and boring in +4 demos. I think i succeeded :)

About the effects:
* The first effect is a 40 different speed vertical scroller, called similarity scroller, which is impossible to do over 4-5 FPS frame rate. I succeeded doing it at 50 FPS :) Sadly, few people realize that this is an impossible task being solved :(
* The second is a small interference effect with parallax scroller. Nothing special, but never done yet :)
* Third one is a simple hi-color plasma - it is under 800 bytes with fadein-fadeout and 8 color combinations when uncompressed.
* Finally you can see a 2 colors graphical logo drawn in PhotoShop6 :)) It is compressed with a tricky method to fit it in less than 2K.
* Music by Griff (Varga Péter) - thank you pal!
* It first run on the real machine at 4ever03, but everything was flawless, except that the incorrectly set up projector ruined the color experience.

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