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Publications - Book
8741875311Lav dine egne Computer-eventyr med BASIC (Make Your Own Computer Adventure with BASIC)1985
87-980926-4-2Dus Med Commodore 64/Plus-41984Paperback
9022933245Het Grote Floppy-boek (The great floppy book)1984Paperback
n/aVan Start Met De C-16 In BASIC 3.5 (First Steps In BASIC 3.5 With The C16)1984-11Paperback
9020118692Werken Met De Commodore Disk Drive (Working With The Commodore Disk Drive)1986Paperback
013634965X100 Programs For The Commodore 161985-09Paperback
085934133XAn Introduction To Programming The Commodore 16 and Plus 41985-06
0697006042Basic Programming For The Commodore Plus/4 And Commodore 16 (Micropower Series)1985-03Paperback
0246126809Beginner's Micro Guides: Commodore 161985
0861611861C16 Machine Language For The Absolute Beginner1985-04
2717001015C16/Plus4 Reference Book1986-08Paperback
086161187XCommodore 16 Exposed1985-04Paperback
0861611853Commodore 16 Games Book1984-10Paperback
185014012XCommodore 16 Machine Code1984
0907792545Commodore C16 Book 1: Starting Basic1985-05Paperback
1850140146Commodore Plus/4 Machine Code1984
1850140081Easy Programming: Commodore 161984-11Paperback
9783161484100Financial programming in ML for the Commodore Plus/4UnknownPaperback
185014009XGateway To Computing With The Commodore 16, Book 11984Paperback
1850140103Gateway to Computing With The Commodore 16, Book 21984Paperback
0830609172Getting More From Your Commodore Plus/41985-03
1851230475Island Of SecretsUnknown
0744700310Plus/4 Magic For Beginners1985Paperback
0-8306-0983-0Practical Interfacing Projects With Commodore Computers1985
0673182487Programmer's Reference Guide For The Commodore 161986
0673182495Programmer's Reference Guide For The Commodore Plus/41986-02Paperback
Retro Gamer Collection2013
SAMS Computerfacts CC8: Commodore 161984-12
SAMS Computerfacts CC9: Commodore Plus/41985-01
071561892XThe Adventurer's Notebook1984Spiral Bound
0003830845The Commodore 16 Games Book1985-02-21Paperback
0946408645The Commodore C16/Plus4 Companion1984-12Paperback
0672223899The Commodore Plus 4 Book1985Paperback
0715620045The Complete Commodore 16 ROM Disassembly1985-11-07
1851230475The Mystery Of Silver MountainUnknown
0946408629The Working Commodore C161984Paperback
0715620037Using The Commodore 161986-01Paperback
0830614222Writing BASIC adventure programs for the TRS-801982Softcover
9513534146Commodore 16 Työkaluna1985
3890903851Alles Über Den C16/C116 (Everything About The C16/C116)1986
3890904106Alles Über Den Plus/4 (Everything About The Plus/4)1986Hardcover
3890112064C16 / C116 / Plus/4 Maschinensprache (C16/C116 /Plus/4 Machine Language)1987
3890110681C16 Für Einsteiger (C16 For Beginners)1985Paperback
3890111688C16 Tips & Tricks1986
3890904254C16, C116 Und Plus/4 ROM-Listing (C16, C116 And Plus/4 ROM-Listing)1987
3528043377Commodore 116, 16, Plus/4 BASIC Wegweiser (Commodore 116, 16, Plus/4 BASIC Guide)1985
3470804818Commodore 16 Mit 1161985Paperback
3891330065Commodore Plus/4 ROM-LISTING (Commodore Sachbuchreihe Band 6)1984Paperback
389011203XCommodore Plus/4 Tips & Tricks1986
3890112048Das BasicBuch Zu C16 / C116 / Plus/4 (The Basic Book For C16 / C116 / Plus/4)1986
3890112056Das Grafik-Buch Zu C16 / C116 / Plus/4 (The Graphics-Book For C16 / C116 / Plus/4)1987
n/aDas Große C-16 Buch (The Big C-16 Book)1986-03
389011????Das Große Plus/4 Buch (The Big Plus/4 Book)1986-11
3891330189Der Commodore 16 In Der Praxis (Commodore Sachbuchreihe Band 18)1985
3890114059Der Data Becker Führer Commodore C16, C116, Plus/41987
3890110738Effektiv Und Kreativ Mit Dem Commodore Plus/41985
3886400263Lerne Basic Mit Dem Commodore 116/16/Plus4 (Learn Basic With The Commodore 116/16/Plus4)1985Paperback
3-446-14378-5Maschinenorientierte C64-Programmierung (Machine-oriented C64 Programming)1985Paperback
ROM-LISTING für den Commodore C4+ C16 und C1161984
9635929625100+4/3 (Games And User Programs)1989Softcover
9630251051A C16 És Plus/4 Az Általános Iskolai Fizikatanításban ((Using) The C16 And Plus/4 For Teaching Elementary School Physics)1986
9630244578A Commodore 16-os Belsö Felépítése (Commodore 16 Internals)1986Paperback
9631067041A Kalandprogram Írásának Rejtelmei (The Mysteries of Writing Adventure Programs)1986Softcover
9631073211Basic Tanácsadó C-16 Plus/4 (Basic Consultant C-16 Plus/4)1987
9630240351Bevezetés A Basic Nyelvbe (Introduction To The Basic Language)1986
963108504XC-16, Plus 4 Basic1989Bound
n/aCommodore 16 1 2 31985Paperback
9630246031Commodore 16 Programozói Zsebkönyv (Commodore 16 Programmer's Handbook)UnknownBound
9635924860Commodore C-16 BASIC és felhasználói kézikönyv (Commodore C-16 BASIC and User Manual)1985Paperback
9630248751Commodore Plus/4 Programozói Zsebkönyv (Commodore Plus/4 Programmer's Handbook)1986Bound
9635925670Commodore ROM Lista Plus 4, C16, C116 (Commodore ROM List)1986Softcover
9631071510Csupa Játék C-16-ra (All Games For C-16)1987Softcover
9631078760Csupa Szuper Játék C-16, C-Plus/4, C-116 Számítógépekre (All Super Games for C-16, C-Plus/4, C-116 Computers)1989Softcover
9630241099Feladatgyűjtemény Commodore 16 Számítógépre Általános Iskolásoknak (Workbook For Commodore 16 Computers For Elementary School)1986Paperback
9630248727Gépi Kódú Programozás (Machine Code Programming)1987Paperback
9630243555Hetedhét Commodore Plus/41986Softcover
9630258943Plus/4 -- Kézikönyv Az Összes Tudnivalóval (Plus/4 -- Handbook With All The Knowledge)1989Softcover
9630257645PLUS/4 Belső Felépítése (PLUS/4 Internals)1988Paperback
24 Ore Basic (24 Hours Basic)1985
978887708049390° Minuto C16 (90th Minute C16 )1985
9788877080493Budget Familiare Per Il C16 (Family Budget For The C16)1986
8870812332Commodore 16 Il Libro Dei Giochi (Commodore 16 Games Book)1985
Commodore 16 Manuale D'Uso (Commodore 16 User Manual)1985
8870561968Commodore 16 Per Te (Commodore 16 For You)1985
8870562786Commodore 16 Sempre Di Più (Commodore 16 Even More)1985-08
Commodore C161985
Corso Di Basic Con Esercitazioni Pratiche Sul C16 (BASIC Course With Practical Tutorials On C16)1985-09Paperback
8870562573Essenziali E Routine (Essentials And Routines)1985-04
8870213323Grafici Di Funzioni Con Il C64, Il Plus4 E Il C16 (Function Graphics With C64, Plus4 And C16)1985
8870563359Guida Al Commodore Plus/4 (Guide For Commodore Plus/4)1985-12
I Commodore C64, Plus4, C16: Caratteristiche E Modalità Di Impiego Degli Home Più Diffusi (Commodore C64, Plus4, C16: Features And Employment For The Most Spreaded Home's)1986-03
I Libri Di Systems - 62 Programmi Per Il Vic20, C16, Plus4 (Systems' Books - 62 Programs For The Vic20, C16, Plus4)1985-04
I Libri Di Systems - I Miei Amici C16 & Plus4 (Systems' Books - My Friends C16 & Plus4)1986-01
8870562581I Tuoi Amici Commodore 16 E Plus4 (Your Friends Commodore 16 And Plus4)1985-06
88-85814-08-5Il Libro Dei Giochi Per Commodore 16 E Plus/4 (The Book Of Games For Commodore 16 And Plus/4)1985
n/aIntroduzione Al Basic - Parte 1 (An Introduction To Basic - Part 1)1984
88-7708-007-8L'ABC Del Linguaggio Macchina Per Il C16 (The Machine Language's ABC For The C16)Unknown
9788870563160Lavoriamo Con Il Commodore 16 (Let's Work With The Commodore 16)Unknown
8870564355Linguaggio Macchina Per Il C16 (Machine Language For C16)1986-06
8870564290Programmi Per C16 (Programs For C16)1986-05
The Commodore Plus/41985
Como Programar Su Sigma Commodore 16 (How To Program on Sigma Commodore 16)1986
Drean Commodore 16 Curso De Basic 1 (Drean Commodore 16 Basic Course 1)Unknown
Introducción Al Basic Sigma Commodore 16 Parte I (Introduction To Commodore 16 Sigma Basic Part I)Unknown
968-887-011-0Introduccion Al Codigo Maquina Del Commodore 16 (Introduction to Commodore 16 Machine Language)1986
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