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Publications - Book
013634965X100 Programs For The Commodore 161985-09Paperback
085934133XAn Introduction To Programming The Commodore 16 and Plus 41985-06
0697006042Basic Programming For The Commodore Plus/4 And Commodore 16 (Micropower Series)1985-03Paperback
0246126809Beginner's Micro Guides: Commodore 161985
0861611861C16 Machine Language For The Absolute Beginner1985-04
2717001015C16/Plus4 Reference Book1986-08Paperback
086161187XCommodore 16 Exposed1985-04Paperback
0861611853Commodore 16 Games Book1984-10Paperback
185014012XCommodore 16 Machine Code1984
0907792545Commodore C16 Book 1: Starting Basic1985-05Paperback
1850140146Commodore Plus/4 Machine Code1984
1850140081Easy Programming: Commodore 161984-11Paperback
9783161484100Financial programming in ML for the Commodore Plus/4UnknownPaperback
185014009XGateway To Computing With The Commodore 16, Book 11984Paperback
1850140103Gateway to Computing With The Commodore 16, Book 21984Paperback
0830609172Getting More From Your Commodore Plus/41985-03
1851230475Island Of SecretsUnknown
0744700310Plus/4 Magic For Beginners1985Paperback
0-8306-0983-0Practical Interfacing Projects With Commodore Computers1985
0673182487Programmer's Reference Guide For The Commodore 161986
0673182495Programmer's Reference Guide For The Commodore Plus/41986-02Paperback
Retro Gamer Collection2013
SAMS Computerfacts CC8: Commodore 161984-12
SAMS Computerfacts CC9: Commodore Plus/41985-01
071561892XThe Adventurer's Notebook1984Spiral Bound
0003830845The Commodore 16 Games Book1985-02-21Paperback
0946408645The Commodore C16/Plus4 Companion1984-12Paperback
0672223899The Commodore Plus 4 Book1985Paperback
0715620045The Complete Commodore 16 ROM Disassembly1985-11-07
1851230475The Mystery Of Silver MountainUnknown
0946408629The Working Commodore C161984Paperback
0715620037Using The Commodore 161986-01Paperback
0830614222Writing BASIC adventure programs for the TRS-801982Softcover

Publications - Magazine
Commodore & Amiga Horizons1986-0429
Commodore Computing International1986-08August 1986Softcover
Commodore Computing International1987-07July 1987
Commodore Computing International1988-01January 1988Softcover
Commodore Computing International1988-04April 1988Softcover
Commodore Computing International1988-05May 1988Softcover
Commodore Computing International1988-11November 1988
Commodore Computing International1989-01January 1989
Commodore Computing International1989-05May 1989
Commodore Free2010-0641
Commodore Free2011-0752
Commodore Free2011-1055
Commodore Free2012-0461
Commodore Free2012-0663
Commodore Free2013-1176
Commodore Free2014-0378
Commodore Free2015-1089
Commodore Free2016-0391
Commodore Horizons1985-0315
Commodore Horizons1985-0517
Commodore Horizons1985-0618
Commodore Horizons1985-0719
Commodore Horizons1985-0820
Commodore Horizons1985-0921
Commodore Horizons1985-1022
Commodore Horizons1985-1123
Commodore Horizons1985-1224
Commodore Horizons1986-0125
Commodore Horizons1986-0226
Commodore Horizons1986-0327
Commodore Microcomputers1986-08August 1986Softcover
Commodore Power Play1986-03March 1986Softcover
Commodore Power Play1986-04April/May 1986
Commodore User1985-0217
Commodore User1985-0419
Commodore User1985-0520
Commodore User1985-0823
Commodore User1985-1126
Commodore User1986-0330
Commodore User1986-0431
Commodore User1986-0633
Commodore User1986-0734
Commodore User1986-0835Softcover
Commodore User1986-1239Softcover
Commodore User1987-0241Softcover
Commodore User1987-0342
Commodore User1987-0443
Computer Gamer1987-0627Softcover
H And D's C16 Plus/4 Handbook1986-02Volume 1 Issue 1
H And D's C16 Plus/4 Handbook1986-04Volume 1 Issue 2
H And D's C16 Plus/4 Handbook1986-06Volume 1 Issue 3
H And D's C16 Plus/4 Handbook1986-07Volume 1 Issue 4
H And D's C16 Plus/4 Handbook1986-09Volume 1 Issue 5
H And D's C16 Plus/4 Handbook1986-11Volume 1 Issue 6
H And D's C16 Plus/4 Handbook1986-12Volume 1 Issue 7
H And D's C16 Plus/4 Handbook1987Volume 2 Issue 3
H And D's C16 Plus/4 Handbook1987-02Volume 1 Issue 8
H And D's C16 Plus/4 Handbook1987-04Volume 1 Issue 9
H And D's C16 Plus/4 Handbook1987-05-18Volume 1 Issue 10
H And D's C16 Plus/4 Handbook1987-06Volume 2 Issue 1
H And D's C16 Plus/4 Handbook1987-07Volume 2 Issue 2
Kilobyte Magazine2016-06-011
Kilobyte Magazine2017-08-232
Retro Gamer201078
Retro Gamer2011-0487
Retro Gamer2013-04113
Retro Gamer2014125
Retro Gamer2014126
Retro Gamer2014-06130
Retro Gamer2014-09133
Retro Gamer2014-10134
Retro Gamer2015-01137
Retro Gamer2015-02138
Retro Gamer2015-06143
Retro Gamer2015-07144
Retro Gamer2015-10-15147
Retro Gamer2015-12-01149
Retro Gamer2016-01-29151
Retro Gamer2016-02-25152
Retro Gamer2016-04-22154
Retro Gamer2016-05-19155
Retro Gamer2016-09-08159
Retro Gamer2016-10-06160
Retro Gamer2017-01-26164
Retro Gamer2017-02-23165
Retro Gamer2017-04-21167
Retro Gamer2017-05-19168
Retro Gamer2017-06-15169
Retro Gamer2017-10-05173
Retro Gamer2017-11-02174
Retro Gamer2018-02-22178
Your Commodore1984-12December 1984Softcover
Your Commodore1985-02February 1985Softcover
Your Commodore1985-07July 1985Softcover
Your Commodore1986-02February 1986Softcover
Your Commodore1986-07July 1986Softcover
Your Commodore1986-11November 1986Softcover
Your Commodore1987-01January 1987Softcover
Your Commodore1987-02April 1987Softcover
Your Commodore1987-02February 1987Softcover
Your Commodore1987-05May 1987Softcover
Your Commodore1987-08August 1987Softcover
Your Commodore1987-10October 1987Softcover
Your Commodore1988-11November 1988Softcover
Your Commodore1989-02February 1989Softcover
Your Commodore1989-07July 1989Softcover
ZZAP! C161987-08

Publications - Promotional Material
C16 The Learning Machine1984
Infocom Catalog1984
Plus/4 Brochure (CAN)Unknown
Plus/4 Brochure (UK)1984
Tynesoft C16 Plus/4 ClubUnknownBooklet
Tynesoft C16 Plus4 Catalogue IIIUnknownBooklet

Publications - Service Manual
n/aC16 Service Manual1984-10
n/aPlus 4 Service Manual1984-10

Publications - Software Manual
A Letter Match / More Or Less1984
n/aAce 2 Instructions1987
n/aAn Introduction To Basic - Part 11984
n/aCompany Pac 1231985
Cutthroats Booklet1984
Cutthroats Manual1984
n/aExperiences In SoftwareUnknown
n/aGames Designer Instructions1985Booklet
Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Booklet1984
Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Instruction Manual1984
n/aHome Office Manual1985
n/aHow to Program your Commodore 161984Booklet
n/aIFR Instructions1985Booklet
n/aInterlude On Targ1986Booklet
JCL Assembler DocumentationUnknown
n/aLetter Sequences/Long And Short1984Booklet
Manufacturing IndustryUnknownBooklet
n/aMath Games And Word ProblemsUnknown
n/aMaze Mania1984Brochure
n/aMusic Master Manual1985
Personal FinanceUnknownBooklet
Pirate Adventure Manual1984Leaflet
Planetfall Booklet1984
n/aPlus Graph1984-12-23
n/aRobcom Alignment System InstructionsUnknown
n/aSlipstream Manual2017-11-12Booklet
Starcross Manual1984
n/aStarter Productivity Software1984Paperback
n/aSuper Hits From Microdeal1986Booklet
Suspect Manual1984
n/aTarg Survival Kit1986
n/aThe Commodore 16 Showcase Booklet1984
The Witness Manual1984
n/aWord Perfect ManualUnknown
n/aYe Olde ManuscriptUnknownLeaflet

Publications - User Manual
1520 Printer Plotter User's ManualUnknown
n/aCommodore 1531 Datasette User's Guide1984
n/aCommodore 1551 Disk Drive User's Guide1984-10Paperback
0-88731-024-9Commodore 16 Owner's GuideUnknown
n/aCommodore 16 User Manual1984Bound
n/aCommodore 3+1 Software Manual1984
n/aCommodore MPS-803 Dot Matrix Printer User's Guide1984
0887310230Commodore Plus/4 Integrated Software Manual1984Bound
n/aCommodore Plus/4 User Manual1984
0887310214Commodore Plus/4 User's Manual1984Bound
n/aOperation Manual for RF500C Series Disk DrivesUnknownBooklet
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