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Mail Archive
#684G., Attila (Gaia)1999-01-04(no subject)subscribe plus4 _______
#1619G., Attila (Gaia)2000-10-08Where to fix a doomed C16 (in Hungary)?Hi all, I have a doomed
#1642G., Attila (Gaia)2000-10-22Re: 2 ThingsHi All, I have a questi
#1646G., Attila (Gaia)2000-10-25Re: Old/New site?Seems a bit old and abandoned.
#1648G., Attila (Gaia)2000-11-02256 KB expansionHi everyone, I just add
#1656G., Attila (Gaia)2000-11-09Re: MESSHi, Yeah, MESS indeed h
#1658G., Attila (Gaia)2000-11-13Re: 364 O.S.Hi, Those were the BASIC co
#1664G., Attila (Gaia)2000-11-15RE: 364 O.S.|> This will be most intere
#1669G., Attila (Gaia)2000-11-15RE: 364 O.S.Richard Atkinson wrote:
#1680G., Attila (Gaia)2000-12-01RAM refresh cyclesHi All, I have some que
#1681G., Attila (Gaia)2000-12-01Re: RAM refresh cyclesDear All, Please forget
#1743G., Attila (Gaia)2001-03-13Strange TED 'effect'Hi All, I have a questi
#1746G., Attila (Gaia)2001-03-13Re: Strange TED 'effect'Mike Dailly <mike@dailly.or
#1749G., Attila (Gaia)2001-03-14Some more TED effectsHi All, Thanks to all w
#1751G., Attila (Gaia)2001-03-14Re: Some more TED effectsAlmos Rajnai <racs@fs2.bdtf
#1753G., Attila (Gaia)2001-03-14Re: Some more TED effectsMarko Mäkelä <msmakela@cc
#1755G., Attila (Gaia)2001-03-141551 turbos... how they work?Hi again, I hope Lion w
#1764G., Attila (Gaia)2001-03-14Re: 1551 turbos... how they work?Mike Dailly <mike@dailly.or
#1769G., Attila (Gaia)2001-03-15Re: Emulator....Hi, Yes there are. Alth
#1772G., Attila (Gaia)2001-03-16PAL vsynchHi All, Could someone e
#1775G., Attila (Gaia)2001-03-22Re: V364 words and asic pinoutHello everyone, I made
#1776G., Attila (Gaia)2001-03-23RE: Plus/4 paletteHi All, I made some exp
#1784G., Attila (Gaia)2001-03-28New plus/4 for Linux :)Hi all, Just wanted to
#1786G., Attila (Gaia)2001-03-29Re: New plus/4 for Linux :)> So where can I find Yape
#1788G., Attila (Gaia)2001-03-29Re: R: Yape problem to be correct> I wish to remember you th
#1792G., Attila (Gaia)2001-04-01Open sourced plus/4 emuHi folks, I posted a fe
#1795G., Attila (Gaia)2001-04-17X1531 cableHi All, There's an inte
#1796G., Attila (Gaia)2001-04-17X1531 cableHi All, There's an inte
#1798G., Attila (Gaia)2001-04-17Re: Re: X1531 cableHi, PLEASE! PLEASE!
#1801G., Attila (Gaia)2001-04-18Re: Re: X1531 cableHi All, Actually I have
#1851G., Attila (Gaia)2001-06-19Re: Emulators' developers suggestHi, I wish I had a comp
#1856G., Attila (Gaia)2001-06-19Re: Emulators' developers suggestIn the meantime I figured out
#1871G., Attila (Gaia)2001-07-03Classic remake on PC!Hi All, It seems like e
#1873G., Attila (Gaia)2001-07-04Re: Classic remake on PC!Hi, I wanted to mean 'T
#1897G., Attila (Gaia)2001-07-29New emulator releaseHi All, Today I release
#1928G., Attila (Gaia)2001-11-03Re: VICE 1541 emuHi, If it's GPL-d, any
#1977G., Attila (Gaia)2002-01-15NTSCHi All, Can anyone spec
#1981G., Attila (Gaia)2002-01-18Re: Tap files> I haven't used mtap, but
#1983G., Attila (Gaia)2002-01-21New Yape releaseHi All, Just wanted to
#1984G., Attila (Gaia)2002-01-25SID cardHi All, I have a questi
#1986G., Attila (Gaia)2002-01-26Re: Re: SID card> cat, grep ;) For t
#1987G., Attila (Gaia)2002-01-27plus/4 in VICE!Hi All, Just thought I'
#1989G., Attila (Gaia)2002-01-27Re: Re: plus/4 in VICE!>Yes it is there and it sho
#1997G., Attila (Gaia)2002-01-29Re: XeO3 (Was: Little World (Was:SID card))Hey Luca, Talking about
#2006G., Attila (Gaia)2002-01-31RF cableHi All, I'd need a spar
#2055G., Attila (Gaia)2002-03-04Re: R: C16 + 4 opcode listHi All, > What is it
#2056G., Attila (Gaia)2002-03-04Re: re: C16 + 4 opcode listHi again, >Actually
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