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Game Endings

Ending for

How To Reach
There are 5 items to be carried from one place to the other. Presumably any order would work, but since the time ("money") is very limited, this is likely the "correct" order:
- TV remote -> TV
- Light switch -> Light
- Laundry -> Washing machine
- Wrench -> Tap
- Pot -> Stove
You will likely need the invulnerability cheat and even the unlimited time ("money") cheat to finish.

The Ending
Given that the gameplay is not only boring (the main character walks very slowly), the jumps to avoid enemies are hard, and a single mistake instantly kills you, this is a rather poor game indeed. Therefore it's fitting that the "ending" is similarly bad.

Once you take each of the 5 items to the correct place, the screen freezes, and your remaining time is counted down and added to the score (very slowly...)

Then, the screen and the border "flashes" for a few seconds:

Walaki Ending

...and the game unceremoniously restarts. That's it, not even "congratulations".

Start a new game (return key), then enter the following in the emulator monitor:
G 3A80

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