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Game Endings

Video Meanies
Ending for
Video Meanies

How To Reach
Walk around the complex, collect keys, shoot through walls and shoot enemies. Turn off the monitors (by walking up to them and touching them from the side) in all 24 rooms. Each monitor reveals one character from the logo in the top/left area. When all 24 are completed, the ending is shown.

The Ending
Video Meanies Ending

The dots animate around the congratulations text.

Notes: This screen refers to the game as "Video Nasty" (possibly the original game name).

The game has an internal speed of 151 by default. Completing it decreases this speed by 50 (lower value is faster). So on the second difficulty level, speed will be 101, then 51, then 1, which is "impossibly fast". If the game were completed once again, due to overflow the speed would be 207.

Start the game and fool around for a while. When ready to see the ending, enter the following in the emulator monitor:
G 2B6D

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