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Game Endings

Star Wars
Ending for
Star Wars

How To Reach
In the year 3560, the known universe is ravaged by alien attacks. Your military force must conquest the five planets in your system and clean'em up from any evil presence. Your task will be considered as complete when the army has acquired all the three available weapons, uses currently the highest ranked one, and saves full cash as money.

The Ending
Wow, that's now a very contrasting ending! A jolly tune celebrates your victory as Ming-ish emperor ruling over your slice of universe, but you look so serious, say barely evil, and there are dark towers and hanged dudes in the background!
A little bug prevents the music to be initialized in the right way, but a fix can be inserted by entering in Monitor:

>5063 20 80 56 A9 00 8D 00 10
>506B A9 CE 8D 07 3E

Digging into the code, another piece of the ending can be found, but just like in another notable case (Aliens) there's no chance to see that to be run from the program, because no event takes to it: an unused congratulations message lying at $39A0.

To see the ending picture, enter anytime on emulator's Monitor:

G 5020

To see the unused congratulations message, enter on emulator's Monitor, while playing:

G 2A00

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