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Game Endings

Ending for

How To Reach
Pick up all 60 pieces to rebuild the Shogun's Sword, then deliver it straight to the hands of its owner. Fight against Ninjas, beware deep falls and spears thrown at you.

Here we go, the puzzle pieces are all in! You're warned, it's time to search the sword in the near screens.

Found it!

The sword must return to its original owner.

You on the leftmost side, the Shogun on the rightmost side, terrible Ninjas in-between.

The sword is now in the right hands!

The Ending
Freedom at last! The gate toward the future destiny of a warrior is now open.

And the authors too wanna congratulate you.

First of all, cheats have to be used.

60 pieces are needed, so enter in Monitor:

>2D 3C

and then, the sword is needed. Let it appear, for example, in the lower left corner of the screen:

>0F72 52
>0B72 45

Take the sword and accomplish your mission on the final screen.

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