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Game Endings

Out On A Limb
Ending for
Out On A Limb

How To Reach
Humans are strange beings, they wanna enrich even though the obstacle is a Giant's House on a gigantic beanstalk. Yes, Jack's included in that list. Jump (literally!) into the great mansion, and collect the three fabulous items which will completely change Jack's life.

Here's the first one in level 1: the Golden Egg!

Sneaking to level 2 from the entrance hall.

No Witch's bolt can keep Jack too far from a Golden Harp!

Leaving level 2 from the larder.

Uh, look there! A credits room!

A massive bag of gold! Now that's a real treasure!

The Ending

End titles! But you may improve your performance succeeding in the same task spending less time...

On emulators, enter:
G 1E6B

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