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Game Endings

Ending for

How To Reach
"There are 16 Systems to enter before you cn become a Fighter Pilot", that's what has been written in the game's instructions. And they were right: you have to defeat all the enemies you challenge in any so-called vortex.

The Ending

Upon leaving Vortex 16, "WELCOME TO STARFLEET COMMAND" is printed below the usual "LEAVING VORTEX" message, and a different sfx is played. You are now in the fighters'nirvana!.
The game however continues to Vortex 17, which is the same as Level 1, but at higher speed. The message is not displayed afterwards (e.g. after level 32), and no additional score or lives are awarded. After level 99, level 00 and then level 01 is repeated.

On emulator, change the level with:

>033A 17

then start a game, and enter:


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