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Game Endings

Ending for

How To Reach
This very rare and really cool game has several secondary tasks to be solved and so many places to see, but the main target includes:
- moving all the platoon components at least one time;
- reaching the Queen's room at least with one component, kill the queen and clear the infestation in the room;

Once this has been done, a message arrives: your platoon must turn back to the Mobile Tactical Operations Bay (MTOB) to complete the mission.

The Ending
"Queen's out, nest cleared, MTOB reached!", time to perform some counting.

It's the end, but it seems not to be enough...

Frustrating, heh? The game contains a message which is never shown, and there's no chance to see it but force it to appear. This should has been the real ending!

Use all the cheats to perform how's needed (see Aliens page).

To see the turn back message, mark the Queen's room as cleaned with:
>AF 01

To see the real ending:
>34B0 00
G 34AF

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