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on 2018-04-07
 GridIron V0.8 available for download

GRIDIRON - Version 0.8 is available for download. It's playable but I have not validated the save/load options.
Also the music and sfx aren't finished.

Posted By

on 2018-04-08
 Re: GridIron V0.8 available for download

Pretty nice! Frustrating sometimes but nice I appreciate so much the fact it's C16 optimized.
I know you have a clear view about your project and how it will evolve, nonetheless here's my tips:
- a little latency time (maybe with some text) between a life loosing and the new one;
- are you sure that resetting the level after you loose a life is the best choice?
- downgrading the ship from Parallax C64 to add it in the titles looks good, but never so good like original graphics

Waiting for the final version, keep coding!

Posted By

on 2018-04-08
 Re: GridIron V0.8 available for download

Hi Luca,

Thanks for taking the time to play it. Frustrating, I'll say so. Very old school, no mercy. The final version will start off a little slower and makes it much easier. But after each set of 8 levels the speed will increase. This is the middle speed.

You're right about the latency, I toyed with and without and thought my method might keep the intensity up. But it's probably too much.

Resetting the level is unfortunately part of the game engine, it might be difficult (if not impossible within the memory limitations to change this). I'm also 48 and grew up with bastard hard games and find modern games a little soft.

Well spotted on the ship. Changing its colour and flipping it didn't hide it. That's also as much as I could include because that's all 128 characters gone. I don't even have a decimal point available for the version number.

Let me see what I can do about the changes.

One more thing. Do you reckon I should remove the level designer and add more levels. The designer takes a fair chunk of memory. Especially as I don't have a real machine to test it on?
Thanks again.

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