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on 2018-02-11
 How to run these games

Hi,how do you get these games to run on modern windows. I recall clicking the play online tab on this site on dorks dilemma about 10 years ago and it starting instantly, but now no joy

Posted By

on 2018-02-11
 Re: How to run these games

Hi Rich,

On the Dork's Dilemma page, you should see a blue "Play Online" link. Click that, and you should be good to go (Full disclosure: they was a little problem on that page, probably due to the apostrophe in the filename, but I fixed it.)

So the long answer is, you need an emulator. There are many emulators for Windows, some for other platforms too, you can find them in the Tools section. The "Play Online" page I mentioned above also uses an emulator, one written in JavaScript, so it can work right inside your browser. Well, it *should* work in most modern browsers. If you're having trouble with it, let us know, maybe we can track down the problem, otherwise, you might also want to try out downloading an emulator for whatever OS you are using and running the games in that. (The benefit there is that once downloaded, it will no longer need an internet connection or use any bandwidth.)

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