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on 2017-11-02
 Re: Let Us Make Your Dreams Come True Together (lumydctt)

Errr, this is the typical case of "Glass of Water": Imagine a glass filled with water until half... Somebody looks at it and says: "The bottle is empty until half." (eg.: Hungarian people are very pessimistic). In turn there is somebody who looks at it and says: "The bottle is full until half." (eg.: in other nations where the standard of living is higher... they are very optimistic.) Let's get down to business: the technique is the same only the approach is other.

1.: Select at-sign (@)
2.: Choose different colors for 00, 01, 10, 11
3.: Check "DoublePixels" then uncheck, then check, and you can see what will be happend on a real hardware!

Thanks for the detailed description. I do understand this feature now. I downloaded CharPad and I tried it out. I like this idea, so thanks again! I will think about it.

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