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on 2017-07-03
 Credits and such

The way plus4world works today, you can only attach one credit per person, so there's a "created by" credit if someone did more than one thing. This is a rather odd and unclear way to store credits, though. If multiple people do multiple things in a demo you can get a long list of "created by" credits instead of showing who actually did what in the database entry.

I understand that it'd be a ton of work to rework the entire system, but a good compromise would be to add 4 new actions: "code and graphics by", "code and music by", "music and graphics by", "code, music and graphics by".

One thing I can't understand is why 3 releases are required before adding a group to the database. I would have thought that it'd be useful to have that information in the database from the very first release? At the moment I can't be listed as a member of my current group or have my releases listed under a group, because we don't have enough releases on this platform. I'd suggest getting rid of that rule, it makes no sense.

One final request, would it be possible to add a 4k category, since it's a long established compo category at parties and you already have a 1k category?

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on 2017-07-03
 Re: Credits and such

Good points Mermaid!

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on 2017-07-03
 Re: Credits and such

Yes, the credits issue is well known and will have to be addressed eventually. I added that you did the graphics into the notes, hope that'll do for now.

The "3 releases" thing is not really a rule, more like a habit. The purpose is to avoid creating pages where we have virtually no information about the entity. Those records/page would have no value and would in fact make the database worse. One example is Android +4: we have no idea who the creator is, or even which one is his first name. You can search for "Written by" to see lots more examples - having that in the notes is good enough.

In contrast, your record has been in the database for over a decade and originally only had only release associated with it.

I guess you're asking why has no-one added Genesis Project? *shrug* sure, I'll add it now. Anyone should be able to edit this stuff, PM/email me if you run into any issues. I'll also add 4K as a category.

Posted By

on 2017-07-03
 Re: Credits and such

Adding a note about the 4K demos: there's no one because in the history of Plus/4 the only used categories known comes from limiTED online compos.

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