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on 2008-05-05

Hi there. I would like to know if Pixelshop is still being worked on. It has still some nasty bugs. It sometimes crashes when saving and mostly when i'm using a graphic tablet...

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on 2017-06-23
 Re: Pixelshop and HFLI editing

About Abcug's Pixelshop:

After conversion my HFLI picture had a lot of pixel bugs/artefacts, and I did not want to release it for Silesia Party without fixing them, as Asterix style has no real shades, just straight colors.

So I found Pixelshop as a pretty useful tool, despite no documentation given, and probably there are some keys I did not figure our yet.

Maybe I am wrong, but seems STILL one of the most useable/compatible HIRES FLI Crossplatform Editor (as I know Timanthes, ProjectOne and the other C64 editors still not support Plus/4 color palette).
One of the bigger problem is that the palette of it seems not realistic, I mean the colors on the final PRG shown by Plus4emu and YAPE are different.
(so you can imagine, that I have to continuously correct in my mind the visible color to the correct one. Especially orange and yellow seems to be really off)

-I really like Multipaint GUI (I used it for the Sin City MC animation), but it does not support FLI formats
-I would prefer to use Csabo's GFX Edit, as the color selection is easier, and there are more options.
But it just did not recognise the P4S format or even the RAW HFLIs converted with Istvan's converter.
When loaded the BMP I created, it loaded it as a useless Black and Grey picture.
As Csabo's help file does not work any more in Win10 (!), I was lost. So maybe I was just too lame, but could not use it, depite I tried my best.

Though it was told, you cannot change the colors (or it was maybe not possible in the past?), Pixelshop1.1b can do it:
0: Select Color0 (background color) and put pixels with mouse LB
1: Select Color1 (ink color) and put pixels with mouse LB
CTRL+0 or CTRL+1: brings up the color selection window, as visible below
CTRL+Cursor: In zoom mode move the visible area

The rest is via the GUI, like the zoom, etc. Unfortunately the latest version is not available any more, if you have the installation file, please send it to me! (thanks!)

With Multicolor FLI certainly there are extra 2 colors available per 8x8 attribute and their place pops up in the HIRES menu too.
Not tested yet, but will definitely try it.

One "in progress" picture with a lot of bad colors before correction:

Yeah,I also miss some functions (eg. filled square), or maybe just not found them yet.
I preferred 800x zoom, and switching off the grid, but to see the attribute places.

Yeah, and don't forget the C64 version, that's why I started to do this. Where is Dogmatix? :-)

And the original source by Uderzo himself:

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on 2017-06-23
 Re: Pixelshop

wow, cool.

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