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Tools - DFliConv
Version:0.9 (pre-release)
Last updated:2003-11-25
Category:Crossplatform Conversion
Platform:Java Application
Created by:D., AndrĂ¡s (bubis)
Download: /dl/tools/

[ Backup download link ( ]

DFLIConverter v0.9 coded by bubis/RSC

Use this tool to convert images into various Commodore Plus/4 (software)
graphic modes.

Simple usage:

dfliconv -grmode [zoom4|ch|hires|hiresfli|mc|mcfli|mcifli] <image file name>

Supported input image formats: BMP, JPEG, GIF.


-grmode: Specifies the graphic mode. It can be:
zoom4 (80x50),
ch = chessboard interlace (160x100)
hires (320x200)
hiresfli (320x200)
mc = multicolor (160x200)
mcfli = multicolor fli (160x200)
mcifli = multicolor interlace fli (320x200)
-dither [yes|no|pre]:
yes: The converter uses Floyd-Steinberg dithering during the
conversion process.
no: No dithering used
pre: The converter pre-dithers the picture with the Floyd-Steinberg
method and than switches to no-dither mode. (default in mc(i)fli mode)
-noscale: No scaling is used. The image is scaled to the resolution of the
selected graphic mode otherwise.

Output options:

-prg: A Plus/4 executable will be generated that shows the converted
-png: A PNG "preview" of the conversion will be generated.
-p4s: The conversion result will be saved in Abcug's PixelShop format
(zoom4 and chessboard are not supported).
-bin: The generated color ram (*.col), bitmap (*.bitm) and ff15-16 data
(*.rast) will be saved in separate file(s).
-outprefix: Here you can give the common prefix of the output files.
The image file name will be used if this option is not used.

If no output type is specified the converter will generate PRG output.

Advanced Options:

-pal: Give your own Plus/4 palette file here. The format is a simple
text file with 128*3 integers (R,G,B: 0-255) separated by any

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