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Word Splash
Title:Word Splash
Release Date:
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Code Type:Basic
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Plus/4 World
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Word Splash Screenshot

Published: The Commodore 16 Games Book (Book/English)

Instructions from The Commodore 16 Games Book
Spell or Swim

This game is a more humane, more fun version of the well known hangman game. if the player cannot guess the word in time, then all the wrong letters push a character into the water.
Words can be up to eight letters long but should not contain hyphens. The listing has about 60 words already included. More words may be added or the existing ones changed.
If a letter is guessed, it appears at each correct position in the word. If it is not right then the poor victim is pushed one space along. Should the word be completed in time then the little figure pushes all the wrong letters back and a new mystery word is offered.
The word is not shown if it is not guessed and since words are randomly selected it may be possible to have the same word again later.
The program is very entertaining, educational and can be surprisingly addictive!

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