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Underground Adventure
Title:Underground Adventure
Release Date:
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Code Type:Basic
Distribution:As compilation
Released by:Duckworth Computing
Created by:G., Peter
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Underground Adventure Title Screenshot

Underground Adventure Screenshot

Appeared On Compilations
The Commodore Plus/4 Adventure Pack

Colour Fix
Some of the POKE's (particularly Poke locations 53280 & 53281) suggests that this was converted from the C64 as they control it's background and border colours which are still present in this listing.

Line 8 in this listing rectifies the main background colour to work on the C16/+4. But the programmer forgot to change the text colour that shows which directions are available which makes it invisible in the background.

After the text "You Can Go", you need to replace the little square box which represents the colour black to an inverted E which represents white.

So to fix this you need to load the program without running it, or press Run/Stop during the game. Now type LIST 5012

Move your cursor up and delete the small square box in the line, then hold down SHIFT and press INST DEL (or backspace on PC emulator). Now press CTRL-2 (this will show the inverted E which changes the text to white). Press RETURN.

Or you can just type the line out again.

Solutions - Unsolved
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