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Tir Na Nog is a Gaelic phrase meaning Land of Youth, the Celtic Other World. This game is about the exploits of the great Hero, CUCHULAINN, following his departure from the world of the Living and his entry into Tir Na Nog. His subsequent attempts to locate and re-unite the fragments of the Seal of Calum form the basis of a vast interactive Adventure, set in the magical landscapes of Celtic mythology.

Tir Na Nog
Title:Tir Na Nog
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Game ending type:Has an end, game ends
Converted by:Pigmy
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  External links:
    C64 release
    ZX Spectrum release
    Amstrad CPC release

User Rating: 8/10 (9 votes)
Tir Na Nog Title Screenshot

Tir Na Nog Screenshot

Appeared On Compilations
Club Info 04

Description, Maps: 100+4/3 (Book/Hungarian) Page 51

Game Map Preview
Download: tir_na_nog_zzap64_map.jpg
Description: Game Map
Dimensions: 1163x851
File size: 497 KB. Taken from Zzap!64 magazine issue 02.
Game Map Preview
Download: tir_na_nog_map.gif
Description: Game Map
Dimensions: 3000x2526
File size: 155 KB. Taken from

Solutions - Complete
You have to find the following 5 objects in the game and taking them to the Altar of the Seal:
- Calum's Hammer
- Dadga's Cauldron
- Lugh's Spear
- Nuada's Sword
- Stone of Fal

You can find the Manual for the original game here. Use next keys in the game:
On the Option screen:
- F1: Enter the game
- F2: Save the game (to disk or tape)
- F3: Load the previously saved game (from disk or tape)
Use these keys in the game:
- F1: automatic running mode on/off
- F2: freezing game (pause) on/off
- F3: show the Option screen
- A: rotate camera to left with 90 degrees
- S: rotate camera to right with 90 degrees
- Q: pick up object (maximum 4 pieces)
- W: drop down the currently nominated object
- X: walk to right
- Z: walk to left
- numbers (0-9): select the currently nominated object (shown * symbol in front of the name of the object in the inventory)
- Space: thrust (when you can see Sidhe is coming to you, use it against him)

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