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T R Presents
Title:T R Presents
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Created by:Micro Maniac
Notes:Plays back a short digitized sample: "T R(?) Incorporated presents: digitized music album". >1031 ## to control speed (lower is faster), $1E appears to be normal speed. See also T R Presents (BCS).
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T R Presents Screenshot

This is likely converted from a C64 demo, and possibly part of a single release. See these notes, retrieved from

"... Así pasó con el sintetizador de voz SAM, con el cual nos divertimos durante horas con mis hermanos, y el Digitized Music Album 5, que simplemente nos dejó estupefactos. Este último título contenía en un diskette, fragmentos de audio digitalizado, no mayores a diez segundos de duración, de cuatro temas musicales famosísimos de la época, de los que sólo me acuerdo dos títulos: Born in the USA de Bruce Springsteen y Material Girl de Madonna."

Translation (via Google Translate):

"... So it happened with the SAM speech synthesizer, with which we had fun for hours with my brothers, and the Digitized Music Album 5, which simply left us stupefied. This last title contained on a floppy disk, fragments of digitized audio, no more than ten seconds long, of four famous musical themes of the time, of which I only remember two titles: Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen and Material Girl from Madonna."

We have those from Micro Maniac as well: Born in the USA, Material Girl.

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