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TCL Music Converter 1551 (Chicken)
Title:TCL Music Converter 1551 (Chicken)
Original version:TCL Music Converter 1551
Release Date:
Device Req.:1551 only
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Coded by:M., László (TCL)
Additional Coded by:J., Christian (Chicken)
Additional Coded by:Pigmy
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TCL Music Converter 1551 (Chicken) Screenshot

Appeared On Compilations
Video Plus/4 5

"MUSIC NAME:" Kinda obvious, enter the filename. [RETURN] will show the DIRECTORY.

Disk errors (e.g. "FILE NOT FOUND") will be handled correctly, just try again.

When the file is found, the program will check the load address to see if this version can handle the file (v1.0 requires musics to be located above $3200). Of course the load address is shown, this might help to determine the IRQ/INIT addresses.

"IRQ START" The hexadecimal address of the music IRQ routine, very often something like $x003.

"MUSIC START (INIT)" The hexadecimal address of the music INIT routine, very often something like $x000.

This version includes Pigmy's 1551 fast loader fast-load 1551 and therefore does not work on 1541 drives. Use TCL's original version if you have a 1541 drive.

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