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Stoneville Manor
Title:Stoneville Manor
Release Date:
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Code Type:Basic
Notes:C64 original by Randy Jensen, conversion by Michael Krause. The PRG file is a C64 executable, the POKEs that meant to change the color don't work, which causes the title to be printed as white on white.
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Stoneville Manor Screenshot

Solutions - Hints
What do I do in the hospital?
Nothing, but after some accidents (e.g. trying to climb the tree) you get transported here.
How do I get out of the hospital after an accident?
Why can't I get through the vent?
You need to lose weight, either by GOing for a JOG (while wearing shoes), or - incredibly this works - FUCKing the MAID (who is in the meadow).
What do I need to build the hot air balloon?
Logs (from cutting the tree), Stove, Twine, Balloon, Basket, Matches.
Where are the codes for the safe?
First is on the table in the shack, second is in the goblet in the manor, third is in the bottle found underwater.

Solutions - Complete
enter store
buy axe
buy shoes
go o
go jog ("whew! done" - you lost weight)
drop shoes
go s
cut trees
drop axe
get logs
go s
get balloon
go e, go n
get stove
enter manor
get twine
go n, go n, go o, go n, go e, go e
read sign ("an appropriate place")
drop logs
drop balloon
drop stove
drop twine
go w, go w, go s
enter manor
get basket
go s, go e, go e
get matches
go w
get book
read book (instructions on how to build a balloon at an appropriate place)
drop book
go w, go n, go o, go n, go e, go e
drop matches
drop basket
build balloon
enter balloon
fly balloon (animation!)
go o
enter shack
look table ("on top is a note with the number ##" - first code)
go o
enter balloon
fly balloon
go o, go w
get net
go w, go s
enter manor
go s, go s
open vent
enter vent
go d
open vent
go o
look bag (snorkel)
get snorkel
enter vent
go u, go o, go n, go e
look credenza (swim mask)
get mask
go s, go w, go o
get raft
go s, go e
inflate raft
enter lake
go s
dive (raft drifts away)
enter tunnel
go w
look bottle ("inside is a note with the number ##" - third code)
go e, go e, go u
get trout
go n, go o, go w, go n
enter manor
enter vent
go d, go o
feed serval ("serval took trout and escaped")
go e
look goblet ("inside in a note with the number ##" - second code)
go u
open door
enter door
look picture ("behind picture is a safe")
open safe
(enter first code)
(enter second code)
(enter third code)
read will (congratulations)

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