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Skoro's Catalog V1.1
Title:Skoro's Catalog V1.1
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Released by:Synergy (SYN)
Coded by:V., Gábor (Skoro)
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Skoro's Catalog V1.1 Screenshot

          skoro's catalog v1.1          

synergy design

written by skoro in 1994.10.07.

>>>>>>> press + and - keys !!!! <<<<<<

this is a list my programs !!!

varga gabor alias skoro !!!
from balmazujvaros from hungary !



tobe 15/demo
oliver otthona +4/cracked game
hey ho hektor/tarzan+skoro
pokoli torony/cracked game
skoro's char 1./demo
no mercy/demo
last ninja demo/tarzan+skoro
stonepuzzle +4/cracked game
crater +4/cracked game
demonsdom +4/cracked game



skoro's char 2-4/demo
new demo 1-3/demo
assassin chars 1-2/user
skoro demo 1-2/demo
skoro demo 3/demo /disk/
musics demo 1-4/demo
firm base +4/cracked game
skoro demo 4/demo /disk/
skoro's music box/demo
last assassin demo/demo
skoro's char 5/demo
future composer v4.4/user
tutti frutti games/games
tutti frutti g+inst/text
rockmania +4/cracked game
format disk +4/user
labirinth +4/converted game
skoro's ú ts's catalog/text
varia +4/converted game
my the best demo 1-2/demo
disk help +4/user
new ever lives 1-3/texts



skoro demo 5-6/demo
very shit game/game by skoro
stonepuzzle editor/user
porno show/demo
mms intro/converted demo
stonepuzzle editor v1.1/user
first megademo/demo /disk/
labirinth/game by skoro
music player v1.0/user
music player v1.1/user
very shit game 2/game by skoro
parts from c64/demo
helicopters/game by skoro
mini news #01/texts
skoro's coder v1.0/user
crackers mix 2/demo
skoro's coder v1.1/user
labirinth 2./game by skoro
mini news #02/texts
mini news editor v1.0/user
skoro's noter v1.0/user
intro editor v1.0/user



skoro's catalog v1.0/texts
first demo/demo
skoro demo 7./file demo
puzzle/game !!!!!!
three years/megademo !!!!!! /disk/
skoro demo 8-9./demo !!!!!!
labirinth 3./game
metal music 1-2./music
puzzle 2./game !!!!!!
way to running/game !!!!!!


end of datas 1994.10.07

coming soon my char editor 1x1 and 2x2 !

and coming my new game puzzle 3. !!!!

sorry guys , but i'm soldier !!!!

my address :

gabor varga (skoro)


toth arpad street 2.

hungary 4060

skoro of synergy from hungary

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