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Single Box
Title:Single Box
Category:Demo/Music Box
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Released by:The Three Stars (TTS)
Coded by:S., Tam├ís (TCFS)
Notes:Choose music by pressing the keys from A to K, and Return to set the logo peak meter on/off.
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Plus/4 World
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User Rating: 5/10 (2 votes)
Single Box Screenshot

Appeared On Compilations
Video Plus/4 3

This program shows several flaws by different problems:

- depacking the main program works for non-zero reset patterns only;
- due to the controversial routine used to read the keyboard's input, the tunes at keys B and C work only under certain circumnstances (timing? keys sequence?);
- the scrolltext describes this demo as part of a larger project (multiload?), considering pressing Space too, but once the Space key has been pressed, the programs cleans the memory and resets.

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