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Sequential Circuit
Title:Sequential Circuit
Release Date:
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Code Type:Basic
Coded by:W., David
Notes:AKA Music Monitor, Music Maker. Music Maker is a slightly modified (buggy) version of the original.
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User Rating: 5.5/10 (2 votes)
Sequential Circuit Screenshot

Published: The Commodore 16 Games Book (Book/English)

Instructions (The Commodore 16 Games Book)

This three octave utility enables you to build up song sections and then to sequence them in harmony. Once produced in memory they can be saved, loaded, modified or just played for enjoyment.
Each sequence is built up first and then the song made is used to set the order in which each sequence is played. The program will prompt if you attempt to do things in the wrong order.
MENUs are used to display the options at each stage. If the option you require is not displayed pressing 'X' will exit to another menu. Selecting sequence mode at the beginning will produce the keyboard display.
The SEQUENCE CURSOR is moved left or right over the sequence boxes using the CBM KEY or the SHIFT KEY. The note required is then selected by using the cursor keys to move the note cursor. As the note cursor moves it will change to show the note played. The octave is indicated by the colour, sharps are 'reversed characters'.
When the note required is found then press space* to enter the note into the sequence. The same note can then be placed elsewhere in that sequence by using the sequence cursor.
Selecting the playback mode will enable each sequence to be listened to. Pressing 'F' for faster and 'S' for slower will alter the tempo during playback.
A finished song can be saved to tape and loaded later from the appropriate menu. That way you can build up your own 'digital music' collection and if you are prone to bragging you can even tell all your friends that you have your own digital recording equipment!

[*This should read Return. Space clears the note from the sequence.]

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