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Scene Focus 05
Title:Scene Focus 05
Category:Magazine [ More Issues ]
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Released by:Motorhead (MTH)
Written by:Lemmy
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Scene Focus 05 Screenshot

Magazine Text

get ready for the
best scene-mag

lemmy,zoom,wurzel & phil
are very proud to present you
the best no. of our...

yo guyz...

lemmy is on the keyz now ! we sit here
and think about the scene-focus.if you
believe it or not,thiz is the fifth(!)
issue.we think,that our third issue was
the best one. -until now...!!!-
while i'm sitting here,drinking and
writing thiz wordz,the other motorhead-
members (phil/zoom/wurzel) are writing
some texts for this fuckin' cool number!

so,we hope,that you will vote for thiz
outstanding good scene-mag !!!

(otherwise,you are an ass-hole !!!)


* * ================
* * =february+march=
* * ======3991======
*** ====


+ the release-date of "signals #02" and
"the elder-news #03" had been put off
by synergy/hard.the release can still
last some weex (date today: 31/3/93)

+ cbt joined the new importer/exporter
group "manowar".actual memberstatuz:

+ the long awaited co-megademo "syntax-
terror" is out now.freax who took
part: apos/charon,kod,tek & synergy.
apos said,in his opinion,this demo
is rather lame.(he's right !!!)...

+ "nukepaper" #08 is out,too.the nukeman
did an wise decision and wants to
stop his "nukepaper" with the #10.
unfortunately,he won't stop selling
the hungarian games,toolz etc.



+ the latest co-megademo from hungary,
the "cracker-demo iii" isn't working
on the most doesn't
work on 1541-i,1541-ii,1551.the coders
wrote a very good loader.thank you!

+ csory still didn't finish his "sid-
card".the card from genius/synergy
is out since some buy it,
it seems to be quite good.
by the way: nukeman doesn't seem to
be happy about the fact,that both
"sid-cards" could be compatible.he
wants,that every lamer buy a "sid"
from csory,of course.even,although he
didn't finished it...what a butt-head!

+ the "computer-flohmarkt" (c-f) no.
3-4/93 is out since some weex.if you
buy this piece of shit,you must be
stupid.the c-f unfortunately turned->


...from a cool +4 scene-mag to an ex-
pensive it isn't worth

+ a little mistake was written in the
"scene-focus" one is writing
an anti-demo against us.but as you
know,it's better not to be against
us.we are always writing the truth!!!

+ as we recognized,this coooooooooooool
mag is already very (!) popular !!!
nearly all +4 freax like it...

+ methabolix will release their "high
technology"-demo part ii,soon.we are
waiting !!!

+ tgms will release a "dizzy-collection"



+ apos of charon will probably (?!?!?!)
co-operate with project (ex-kruk).
project is bored,to write demos+games
alone.apos/charon said some months ago
that he is the only one who works with
the,we think,that he will leave
his lamer-crew in the near future.thiz
would be a good step forward for the
whole +4 scene,because apos/charon and
project are quite good coderz.

+ a copy-party will take place at the
17th and 18th of april,1993 in neu-
stadt.on the meeting,you will find all
kinds of computers.for nearer info'z
call toxyc/hard:05072/1831 (sebastian)

+ oscar left the evs-crew.although,he's
gone,evs will continue
decision !!! some crew should react
in the same way,don't ya think ?!


+ a quite new team is on the +4.they are
called "plussi-cats" (3 girlz)...
what about coming around at the motor-
head headquarter ?! he he.we could
show you our stamp-collection,harhar!

+ thornchild of apocryphic scribes wants
to built up a swapp/spread-crew,too.
let's see,what will come up from his
crew in the next months.

+ our plan,to code a mind-blasting mega-
demo the moment,we haven't
got any time.but,no panic on the
titanic: phil+zoom will release some
cooool one-file demoz soon.

+ tbh of tdc released a quite good mega-
demo some weex's called "x-mas
demo '92",but he released it in febr.
of 1993...try to get it,good stuff.


+ did you read the latest "nukepaper"
(#08) ?!?!? in in,you can read some
interesting lines.the elder/synergy
got a phone-call,some months ago.he
was sure,that nukeman was at the other
end of the line.but in the 8th issue
of the "nukepaper",nukeman writes,that
he didn't called him up.that's right,
but nukeman knows exactly who it was.

+ "hard" are searching for editors and
reporters for their "cyber-news".
if you want to write for this mag,
call up toxyc.(see his phone-number
some pages ago!)...

+ the biggest lamer-crew of the whole,
fuckin' universe is "fanatix" (ftx).
they took a release from exact of the
(ex-)bastardz and wrote some text in
front of the digi-parts. !space->


...all of the digi-partz (original-title
was "digital alf!") were converted by
exact of the bastardz in 1991/92.the
ftx-crew spread this 4 digi-parts some
weex ago under the names "digi-mix 1",
"d.-m. 2" etc. !!! fuckin' stealerz!
aren't you able to code yaself !!?!?!

+ i (lemmy) converted a coooooooooooool
4-bit was hard work to
convert thiz from amiga.i improved
this mix,'s a pity,that thiz
mix is so short,but there wasn't
enough memory,because i put in a new
filter in this sound.thanx to "red-
sector" (amiga) for the original
sound.the +4 version is spreaded by
wurzel,thanx to phil+zoom for ideas
and supportz.

+ this was the last! +

february/march 3991

* **
* *
* *
* *
* *
* *
* *
* *
* *
* *
* *
* *
* *
edited by * *
zoom of * *
motorhead! * *
* *
* *
* ** * ** *

top 5-gamez: ö top 5-demoz:
1.castle master/tgms ö1.killed.../mtd
2.dizzy 3/tgms ö2.cracker-d.iii
3.coloris +4/genius ö's rid./sns
4.pac-man/apos ö4.x-mas '92/tbh
5.bardz tale 3/pigmy ö5.x-mas '92
top 5-scene magz: ö top 5-coderz:
1.scene-focus/mtd ö1.lemmy/mtd
2.signals/synergy ö2.phil/mtd
3.elder news/cte ö3.zoom/mtd
4.softy ö4.wurzel/mtd
5.cybernews/hard ö5.bionic+toxyc

* thiz chartz aren't national,but
world-wide.if you aren't satisfied
with our opinion about the best
games,demoz etc.,then go home and
eat ya' shit.thiz is only our opinion
and our opinion rulez.hehe. !zoom!

*** the last news ***
some news had arrived:

+ in the "c-f" 3-4/93 there is an
announce from a guy called "piotr".
he tested "prince of persia",a conver-
sation made in poland !!! thiz game
probably doesn't exist...

+ the rat,who gave up the plus-4-power,
probably has a new editor.frankenstein
of tek (the electronic knights) found
someone in middle-germany (we hate
the wrong word "east-germany",thiz
area isn't "east-germany" !!!),who
perhaps will continue thiz mag.

+ tbh of tdc released a brandnew one-
file-demo.we will test it in our
sixth issue...


***last page***

yeah we have
to finish thiz cool issue!
we know,that you can't believe,
how someone can write such a
cool scene-mag like we do since
five issues...creditz for thiz
issue are coming up..........
idea - motorhead
reporterz - lemmy,zoom,phil,wurzel
sound - converted from c64
charz - converted from c64
packer - lemmy-packer v1.0 &
zoom-cruncher v1.0
spread - wurzel

see ya in valhalla
signing off,motorhead 31/03/93


txt restart

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