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Ritter für den König (Knight For The King)
Title:Ritter für den König (Knight For The King)
Release Date:
Device Req.:Disk only (1 side)
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Code Type:Basic
Game ending type:(n/a)
Written by:R., Hans Magnus (Hamaro Games)
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User Rating: 6/10 (4 votes)
Ritter für den König Title Screenshot

Ritter für den König Screenshot

Published: Compute Mit SA 6/88 (Magazine/German) Page 16

Some Additional Information
This game was praised a lot by the editors of COMPUTE MIT, especially for its graphics and its extensibility.

"Ritter für den König" (which translates to either "Knight for the King" or "Knights for the King") was very likely inspired by "Defender of the Crown" - though, it didn't have any strategic elements to it - and "Knight Games". It's much like "Olympic Games" for knights, even though, the published game features just one competition - Joust. Worth mentioning, the program is already prepared to include additional events like "Sword Fight". It was announced that these will be published in loose order.

Unfortunately, the additional competitions were never published, which most likely means that they were never finished by the author. COMPUTE MIT was published for another year, and every single issue I hoped to see a new event. Thus, it's partly another sad case of "games that weren't".
If anyone knows the author (Hans Magnus Rohleder), please let us know if he ever worked on the additional events.

Translating from the yellow box:
"It is planned that the game will be extended later on, which will be possible only for the disk version. So far there's only "joust" included. Yet to come are "swordplay", "archery" and "falconry.".

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