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Release Date:
Device Req.:Disk or Tape
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Code Type:Basic
Game ending type:Has an end, game ends
Created by:S., Norbert
Notes:AKA "Qally goes in town"
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Qually Screenshot

Game Endings
This game has an ending!

Published: Commodore Welt C16 116 P4 Special 5/88 (Magazine/German) Page 111

Map Preview
Download: qually_map.gif
Created by Csabo.
Description: Map
Dimensions: 2200x1000
File size: 70 KB. Created on 2013-11-01.

English Translation Of The Messages
Der bus faehrt erst in # wochen The bus won't drive for the next # weeks. (You cannot go in that direction.)
in der geldboerse befanden sich # pfg The are # Pfennige (pennies) in the purse.
sie wissen doch nicht was los ist!!! informieren sie sich! You do not know what is going on! Find out!
sie sind in ein messer gefallen!!! You fell into a knife!
in der zeitung steht... die verkaeuferin schreit: erst zahlen !!!!!! The newspaper reads... the sales clerk shouts: Pay first!!!!!!
IN DER ZEITUNG STEHT..... The newspaper reads...
'SCHON WIEDER GRAEBER GESCHAENDET.!! "Graves desecrated again!"
'STREICHHOLZPREISE GESTIEGEN!!! "Prices for matches have been raised"
'HEINO GITTARIST BEI 'BAP'??? "Heino joins BAP as guitarist?" (Joke headline, Heino is a folk singer, BAP is a rock band.)
'NIBELUNGENSCHATZ IN UNSERER STADT??? "The Nibelungen treasure in our town?"
'DIEBSTAHL',SCHREIT DER EIGENTUEMER.... UND ERSCHLAEGT SIE The owner shouts 'Theft!"... and beats you to death.
der wirt sagt:'wenn sie mir eine oel-lampe besorgen bekommen sie die leiter The host says: 'If you get me an oil lamp, you get the ladder.'
Graf Vampyrus ist ueber sie hergefallen. Count Vampyrus attacked you.
ein bissiger hund hat sie zerfleischt!! A vicious dog mauled you!
die scharfe axt hat ihr leben beendet!! The sharp axe ended your life!
das seil hatte genau ihre halsgrösse!! The rope (noose) is exactly your neck's size!
Herzanfall!!! Sie sollten sich nicht überanstrengen! 3 Teile Tragen Genuegt! Heart Attack! You shouldn't overexert yourself! Wearing 3 parts is enough!
der altar stuerzte ein und begrub sie!! The altar crashed and buried you!
geschlossen closed
im grab lag eine alte oellampe!! In the grave was an old oil lamp!
Sie sind durch ein morsches brett gestuerzt!!! You have crashed through a rotten board!

Solutions - Hints
I can't enter any of the buildings!
Read the paper first to get some information.
I can't take anything from the houses!
This is fine, you don't need the items that appear in all houses (hammer, bottle, axe, etc).
A dog always kills me when I enter the greenhouse!
Get the bone, it will distract the dog and you'll be able to enter.
Count Vampyrus always kills me in the graveyard!
You have to carry the spike and the rope.
Where can I find an oil lamp?
In the graveyard, big digging up the graves, once you have the shovel.
How do I get in the castle?
With the ladder.
How can I avoid the rotten floorboards?
Trial and error, or cheat with >FF15 41. If the game as a proper way (e.g. some kind of light source), we have yet to find it.

Solutions - Complete
1) Find the purse which is randomly placed somewhere in the town (contains 80 pennies).

2) Go to the newspaper stand, where you will read the paper. (You can now enter houses.)

3) Enter the building with the white angel and take the knife and the rope (noose). Be sure to take the knife first (to cut the rope), without it, the noose will kill you. Be sure not to touch any of the other items, otherwise the owner will think you're a thief and kill you.

4) Go to the church and graveyard. Enter the building through the LEFT door. Take the cross (against the Vampire) and the key. Be sure not to touch the altar as it would kill you. Exit.

5) Now enter the building through the RIGHT door. The key will open the door, and with the cross, the Vampire leaves you alone. At the moment you cannot do anything with the graves. Exit.

6) Go to the butcher (building marked with the pig) and take the bone.

7) Go to the greenhouse (top/left of the map) and enter. The bone takes care of the dog that otherwise would have attacked you. Take the shovel.

8) Return to the graveyard and enter through the right door. Sadly, you must dig up the graves (by walking into them). The lamp is randomly hidden in one of them.

9) Enter the inn (building marked with the utensils and bottles). Now that you have the oil lamp, the innkeeper will let you take the ladder.

10) Go to the castle. The ladder will be placed so that you can now enter. Enter the tomb.

11) Take the key. You must now navigate around the rotten floorboards (which are invisible):
- Go to all the way to the left wall.
- Go up until you are one character above the lower wall.
- Go all the way to the right wall, then back 2 steps to the left.
- Go all the way up.
- Go all the way to the left.
- You can now go to the treasure chest and you've won the game.

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