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Original version:Pac Man
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Game ending type:Has an end, game ends
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Released by:Charon
Created by:P., Christian (Apos)
Notes:This is an extended version.
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User Rating: 5.6/10 (8 votes)
Pac-Man Title Screenshot

Pac-Man Screenshot

Pac Man (SFX)
Pac Man (Title)

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Club Info 14
Signals 14

hello, freaks! apos of charon is here with a new release of old stuff: pac man. the credits: title-picture drawn, editor and game coded by me. there's no converted or stolen byte in this game! before i tell you the story about it, the most important thing: the greeting-list. here it goes : telly and kod of charon (i think i am the only one of our group who really works with plus/4. telly is allways at his girlfriend in the "harz" and kod has no floppy-drive), the hard-crew: toxyc (hey, cool guy. i think that you are now a professional coder. your cybernews is the best disc-mag! perhaps i quit charon and join the hard-crew. ps:this text is completely in english!), mwt, marco polo, haeger, the synergy crew: the elder (you are older than me (22)! that can't be, or?), bionic, +4, galli (i will write back soon...why don't ya try to write games? i mean not converting, write new stuff), cbt, dan (i saw some cheats of you. have you released some more new stuff? if not, code! you are able to write games, because you are a good coder!), badman (when i have some time i finish my "sound-former. i still haven't found a midi-interface. i would be great for us, or?), the rat (hey,i know: your brother likes this game! i was very happy when you told me that this is the favourite game of your brother. greetings to him!), chicken (i hope that you'll be back soon in germany), the tek-crew: dr.death, mr.l., elvis and all other guys on c16/plus4. now some words about the story of this game. once upon a time, it was the year 1989. i was a "little boy" of 16 years and wrote my first game in machine language: pac man. why a pac-man game? i had no idea what game i could write. so i decided to write pac-man, because i thought i would be easy to code. after the charset was designed (with kingsoft graphic-designer), i programed the sounds. i was very proud of it, because i coded the sounds in the interupt. it was the first time and not easy for me to code this. and when you hear at the sounds in the game, you will see that they are really not bad (even the "compute-mit" says: a game with good sound-effects). the game wasn't hard to code, but something other was very shit to made : the levels. i wrote a "level-designer" in basic and made levels like hell. it was the most work, because from 5 levels were 1 or 2 easy to play. in the end, i hadn't any ideas for levels. finally i managed to made 50 different screens. after the game was ready, i offered it to the magazine "compute-mit". and, surprise!, it was printed and i got some money for it: 720 dm. when my parents realized that they were proud of me (ha! ha!). i think that this game is really the best of all pac man-games on c16/plus4. a reason is that i put many ideas in it (questionmarks, levels, etc). and now, in the january of 1993, i decided to release it again with an intro. how do ya like the picture? not bad, or? i didn't know what i could draw in it (it was drawn with botticelli color. i hate this shit-program! it even can't draw a linear circle. very sad!). and i want to make this release a bit interesting, that's the reason i made a graphic-editor. a bit lame coding but i hope ya like the idea. well, thats it about the pac-man story. now, i don't know what more to say ... nice 2*2 charset, eh? it was designed by me (i like drawing character charsets). look out for my other productions: neustadt demo 2, cheat-pack 1, syntax-terror part. when i have more time, i continue the coding of my great music-program "sound-former". i still didn't saw a music-program which could be compared with my "sound-former". but i thought when i would release it now, it would be too late, because in the time of wave-converter, a program which uses ted-sound would not have a chance. today, it's sunday. that means school for me tomorrow. fucking shit! i hate school (but who does not?). in 2 days, i can take part at the computer-lesson at school. woooow! ms-dos commands with ollivetti-pcs, how exiting! these lessons where so boring that i always have to read something (computer-flohmarkt, p.m., magazin 2000) or some books (life after life, the astral projection work book, spiritual growth). yawn! it's already late and i'll finish now because i want to go to bed. apos of charon says good bye, stay cool and never change on pc. this is the end of the scroll-text. guess how much chars this text has. 500? nooo! this text has 4693 chars! but the scroll-speed is fast, so the reading isn't so boring. text repeats (do ya believe it?) good night! and don't forget to grap the space-bar (for the best oldie-game! har! har!) start

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G 23CFGo to the next level

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