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Music Packer V1.0
Title:Music Packer V1.0
Release Date:
Device Req.:1541 only
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Released by:Electronic Disaster Crew (EDC)
Coded by:P., Zolt├ín (MC)
Notes:AKA Muzax Packer. Uses a 1541-only fast loader.
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Music Packer V1.0 Screenshot

Appeared On Compilations
Club Info 119

The purpose of this tool is not 100% clear, yet. So these instructions are definitely "work in progress". I encourage everyone to add missing information.

"FILENAME:" Obvious ;) Enter the name of the SID music file.
"MUSIC START:" INIT routine address in hexadecimal
"MUSIC PLAY:" PLAY routine address in hexadecimal

Now, while you can listen to a freq converter (I think this can't be adjusted), you will see 5 counters/addresses. Likely, it's storing $ff0e/0f/10/11/12 values every frame. The program will crash if the memory ranges overlap. So keep an eye on the counters!

When you press RUN/STOP you'll see "LOCATION: $2F"

$2F is the default highbyte of the target memory location. You can change it by pressing cursor up/down to increase/decrease the highbyte respectively. Minimum value is $0E, maximum value is $F0.

When you are done, press SHIFT.

Now enter the "SAVE NAME:" and press RETURN (make sure you have a disk in the drive and enough space on the disk).

The saved file doesn't include any player. Probably, it's just data and some unpacking routine.

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