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Mikie's Music
Title:Mikie's Music
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Released by:Muffbusters (MB)
Converted by:M., P├ęter (Mucsi)
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Mikie's Music Screenshot

Program Text
                 YEEEEEAAAAAH !!!       Welcome to The Mikie's Music ...  This program is very coooooool !!!    Converted from C64 by MUCSI from MUFFBUSTERS COMPANY in MOHACS,HUNGARY ....           1989.XI.03                 Greetings to : MUFFBUSTERS : BATYA,JEVA,STEVO,KABO,REJO,STEVO - PIGMY,BOOMBY,PIT * A-SYSTEM *,TTL,ALF,EDS,48-TPI,DELI,GYS,MAT,MAD,MOD,HCS,KNM,CMS,ETC,TPPC,ABSURD,AND THE TIME TIGERS and Miszlai I ...    The great MB is working again ,(Jeva is here so the english is well !) we are doing great things again ! For instance , the greatest convertion ever made from 64 to plus/4, the Hollywood poker PRO ! (the graphics are not perfect,but enjoyable ... ahhhhh !!- Mucsi that last ! )   Watch out for this but not only for this ! Here are other great stuffs like Ball blaster 2, Uj vadnyugat + intro, BATDANCE . Coming soon (maybe) : Morphoses,M.O.G.B. V. and if the new shit alias novotrade (they are not worthy to be written in big ) wants  A vilag ura ??    Now bye,bye ....                          

Program List
Hollywood poker PRO (1989-11-04)
Ball blaster 2 (1989-02-03)
Uj vadnyugat (MB) (1989-10-13)
Uj vadnyugat Intro (1989-10-13)
BATDANCE (1989-00-00)

Coming soon:
Morphoses (1989-11-05)
M.O.G.B. V. ()

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