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This picture started some months before Arok. Although it seems to be a simple converted picture, the afterwork took ~10 hours more. Unfortunately I did not have enough orange colors, and the Plus/4 ones are washed out, but I think the end-result is very close to the origin, knowning the multicolor limitations.
You may think it looks like more a scratch, than a real car: that's true, because the original art was also a concept art. If you wanna see the original, pls check it here:

Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Created by:M., Zoltán (MMS)
Download from Plus/4 World
Plus/4 World
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User Rating: 6/10 (3 votes)
Mazda Screenshot

Appeared On Compilations
Plus4 Arok 10
Club Info 108

Árok #10Graphics Competition8(n/a)

Author's Description
Dear All,

Some intro about my focuses:
1) I am addicted to nice cars. Most of the cases it means concept cars, as car manufacturers usually not brave enough to release nice cars to the masses, so we mainly see boring cars at the dealers. :-) OK, there are few exeptions, like Mazda6, Chrysler PT Cruiser, even the new Suzuki Swift.
2) I am also convienced, that despite of lot of limitations, you may generate nice pictures in normal multicolor method/resolution, when enough time spent to finetune them. I mean FLI is a little "overused".
3) "Just converting" pictures is not a big challenge, thus I never released such a picture I never touched with Multibotticelli, because they ALWAYS have pixel errors, and they look ugly. There are pictures, only few pixels had to be corrected, but there are some others need long-long hours, depite they re "just converted"
4) Without the modern tools, like InstvanV's great converter tool provided next to Plus4Emu or his emulation made possible editing on PC, I would not restart pixel editing in the XXI. century. I do remember my very first two pictures: Lotus took 10, 3D Raytrace took more than 50 hours from my life (and a lof of pain in my eyes). In the future I will never start to make a picture from zero.
You may say, it is lazyness. You may say, then it is not an art or a real creation any more. Yes, that's true: I am a graphician, not an artist. Look at me more as a professional people working on a newspaper, taking pictures from here and there, and finally you got a nice page. These pictures have their origin, I want to share with you them in 8 bit...
Please respect the time and effort I put into these picture to show, what are the capabiilities of those 121 colors in 160x200 without tricks.

Up the Plussy !

Bye: MMS

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