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Logo Basic V3.0
Title:Logo Basic V3.0
Release Date:
Coded by:N., Tamás (TomHX)
Notes:AKA Logo-16 Basic Version 3.0.
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Plus/4 World
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Logo Basic V3.0 Screenshot

Accepted commands: Translation: Meaning and example:
elõre forward move forward # units: elõre 100
jobbra right turn right # degrees: jobbra 45
balra left
helyzet position sets x,y position: helyzet 10 10
fejszög head degrees
közép center
toll pen puts the pen down, subsequent forward commands will draw
töröl clear
tollne no-pen lifts the pen, subsequent forward commands will only move
szivacs sponge (eraser)
eljárás procedure
vége quit
orr nose shows the arrow in current position
orrne no-nose hides the arrow in current position
s.o.s s.o.s displays this list of commands
papír paper (background) color
tinta ink (foreground) color
keret border color sets border color, needs 2 numbers, keret 5 5
teljeskép full picture
félkép half picture
program program
legyen let
változók variables
írd write
ismétlés repeat (for)
ismvége end of repeat (next)
sorvég end of line
ha if
; ;
ürít clear
újra again
nyomtasd print
gépi machine
hurok loop
amíg while
húzz draw
felvesz save
behív load

To see something being drawn, type (return/enter after each line):
jobbra 135
előre 100
(Note: to type "ő", press C= and minus)

Draw an octagon:
helyzet 160 100
ismétlés 8; balra 45; előre 9; ismvége
(Note: to type "é", press C= and e)

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