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Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Game ending type:(n/a)
Released by:Electronic Vision Software (EVS)
Coded by:G., László (Flavour)
Graphics by:B., Balázs (BBD)
Additional Graphics by:R., István (Omega)
Notes:In the intro, press "1" and "2" to switch textscroll effect on/off. The game does not contain the release date, but Terrible Page 02 is mentioned as an upcoming mag, which puts it to 1991.
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User Rating: 6.5/10 (2 votes)
Log-X Title Screenshot

Log-X Screenshot

Derived Software
Log-X +1M/Autosid

Appeared On Compilations
Nukepaper 03

Program Text
Text before intro:

       game and intro by flavour        

gfx by bbd and omega

some help from oscar

some others by bzs


Intro scroll:

yeah for everybody! here's flavour of evs.what?you've never heard about me??? well,i'm not suprised.but here's my first game called log-x the intro and the game was coded by me.these nice palmtrees were drawn by omega. all the other gfx by bbd.megathanx to them and oscar for some help. now,this scroll is so boring,isn't it? press number two for a little trick. what's it like now. if your eyes are tried,then pres number one. and now,some more news about me. i'm the new member of guy,but never mind. ah! i forgot the greets: for all the other groups! oops! bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unused text after intro scroll:

be in the terrible page #02,as i some greets:bbd,oscar,bzs,hawk,omega bye!!!!!

Title screen scroll:

well,well...welcome to log-x!!!this is another logical game from evs.this time the game was coded by flavour.(that's me.) gfx by bbd intro gfx by omega thanks to them and oscar for some help. this is the place for the info: type a number using arrow keys (up, down choose number,left right move) then press return. the game writes out some info about the tip.the empty plot means one of the numbers is bad,not the one in it's place.. the light point means good but the number is not in its place. the dark point means a number is correct the place is good too. probably its difficult to understand but if your iq is above 110 you soon figure it out... hungarian info : ugyanaz mint a tv2 varia jateka... signed flavour of evs ...text help from ...who?... oscar,of course

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