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Label Basic V2.1
Title:Label Basic V2.1
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Released by:Wilds (WLS)
Coded by:B., Viktor (Genius)
Coded by:R., László (Lacoste)
Credited (Coded by):K., Vilmos
Notes:Original program by Vilmos Koszper. WANTED: original release.
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User Rating: 5/10 (3 votes)
Label Basic V2.1 Title Screenshot

Label Basic V2.1 Screenshot

genius rulez !  hi skacok !  i'm in a fuckin' hurry , so i write only what is important :  original prg. by : koszper vilmos , repaired  by : tito of wls , this shitty intro coded by me as genius  .....   an important message for everybody : if you use the 'des-tron v3.5' then after 'ready.' type : sys32768 or u suck it !     a fast greetx list , first laco's greets: genius , wls (tito-tokec-tlls) , top (oby-tremby-pety-aty-pepe) , koszper vilmos , fyc , gotu , pigmy , tgms ... genius greets : all from laco's greets+ vida istvan , lang attila , laco , unreal and the methabolix inc. , sex'n'spirit , tcfs and chain ltd , scn , edc , evs , csory , nibly , paresz , scrupulous scissors and you !!        search my new game , called : coloris !!!!      cul8ter

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