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Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Released by:Muffbusters (MB)
Coded by:M., Péter (Mucsi)
Graphics by:S., Iván (Jeva)
Notes:A single part demo. Press keys from A to N to change music.
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Plus/4 World
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User Rating: 5.3/10 (3 votes)
Jump! Screenshot

Appeared On Compilations
Plus/4 Power 04

jump !! written by mucsi,graphic by jeva and the music is stealed from c-64. special greetings to the members of muffbusters (mb.):stevo,batya,rejo,csendi,kabo and we. greetings to:pigmy,boomby,ttl,the mad,mod,48-tpi,mano,knm,bcs,hcs,ncs,tcfs,lta,trigatra,cms,floppy robby,primo,sirocco,deli,gys,crown,mat,the best csoki group,tomitron,supy,opi and the others whose names we forgot. special lovely greetings to bugyi-buci (i would wash for you !). ttl:why do not you write ?  boomby:congratulation for your raster buster,it is really good ! by the way,how do you like that color lines in the frame,do not you know it ? what is timi looks like ? she has to be a nice looking girl with hard boobies and as. because that we refuse to recognise this results because you used dopping ! may be we shall make demos for ours girls (may be)! the mad:did you retire ? pigmy:i think you will not be angry because using musics in m.o.g.b. iv. we think the graphics are as good as your musics !      ohhh,ohhh,one pupp !    ohhh,ohhh,an another pupp ! you can greet uncle feri !!! he is very stinking !    oh we forgot something:there are musics in this program. from key a to n you can listen to different musics from sammy fox poker,bmx simulation,sound box 3 (by vic and anry). write to us ! you can write in hungarian,in english,in yugoslavian u no pyccku !!! ours adresses are: 7700 mohacs and mucsi: kun bela st. 3,jeva: vorosmarty st. 11.a.,stevo: vorosmarty st. 22.,batya: rozsa st. 2. the others are not important,we are the main points of mb. . musics can be stoped by saying bumm,but it is usefull only then when the dinamit says that. signature : mucsi and jeva.          9          8          7          6          5          4          3          2          1          flipp-flipp,bummmmm....

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