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Release Date:
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Code Type:Basic
Notes:For two players only.
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Gustavus Screenshot

Published: The Commodore 16 Games Book (Book/English)

Instructions from The Commodore 16 Games Book
A Novel Strategy Game for Two

As far as I am aware we are the first to produce a computer implementation of Simple Simmons, a game usually played with pencil and paper.
Simple Simmons or Sim was invented by a chap called Gustavus Simmons. We have decided to call this computer version of the game Gustavus as it sounds more grand than its paper cousin.
The game requires players alternately to draw a line between two points. The first to form a triangle of his own colour, whose points each rest on one of the original points, is the loser. The trick is to force your opponent into making the fatal triangle first.
The computer will take care of the turns together with the colour changes and will indicate the winner when a triangle is formed.
Lines are drawn by moving clockwise or anti-clockwise, using either left or right cursor keys. When on the first point from which a line is required press the space bar. A bleep signifies acceptance of the line origin. The cursor is next moved to the destination location, then as the space key is pressed the line will be drawn.if an invalid line is attempted a sound will indicate the fact. New start and finish points will then be required.
The game cannot end in a draw and there is no apparent advantage gained by being the first player. This game is very good for developing spacial awareness!

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