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Ghost Town (USA)
Title:Ghost Town (USA)
Release Date:
Device Req.:Disk only (1 side)
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Code Type:Basic + Machine code
Product Code:TM8405
Retail Price:$19.95
Game ending type:Has an end, restarts (reward)
Published by:Pacific Tri Micro, Inc. (Tri Micro)
Notes:AKA Ghost Town USA. Not to be confused with the C16 classic Ghost Town by Udo Gertz. Written by Stacy McInnis. The fastload hack version has followed later. WANTED: cover scan.
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User Rating: 7.2/10 (5 votes)
Ghost Town (USA) Title Screenshot

Ghost Town (USA) Screenshot

Game Endings
This game has an ending!

Ghost Town (USA)

Advertisement: Commodore Power Play April/May 1986 (Magazine/English) Page 6

Additional Keys
Keys Function
F1 : Switch on/off the music
F2 : I/O menu
F3 : Pause/Restart

Solutions - Complete
You must catch 8 ghosts in the game (in any order). The only two things that you must purchase from the store are the lasso and the cap, all other items the need can be picked up freely or from chests. Once all 8 ghosts are captured, the game congratulates you and the game restarts.

The replenish your strength, go to the island and keep eating apples from the tree. (The other two ways are the store stove and buying green potion from the doctor's office.)

To replenish your mental, go to the bank and keep solving the door combination.

Ghost Location To capture
A BOTTOMS n/a n/a
B BUZBY n/a n/a
C Angus COLBURN Church Enter the door where the scanner flashes, move rug. Move ladder under window and use an axe to break and climb through window. Put the ghost together, call his name. Give him guitar and songbook.
D Billy DAWSON Cave Give him his cap
E John DOWNING Cave Give him the cave map
F FLAG n/a n/a
G JENNY n/a n/a
H KENT n/a n/a
I Medora MCGAFFEY School house (building with bell) Answer all questions correctly
J OLGA Swandive Hotel Enter Hotel, go through door, give her the earring
K PATRICK Island Get an oar, row your boat. Give magic to the water spirit. Find Patrick, you'll have to enter his room twice. Call Jenny's name. Give him lasso and locket.
L PETE Smith Cave Give him gold or diamonds
M Sheriff POTSWAL Jailhouse (gray building, lower right) Enter the building, cross the bars, give him his badge
N TED n/a n/a

A Apple Store (2c); Trees
B Diamonds Chests (sometimes); Bank safe (sometimes)
C Pyrite ?
D Badge Store (free pickup)
E Watch Store (70c), Chests (sometimes)
F Gold Chests (sometimes); Bank safe (sometimes); Used for purchases in doctor's office
G Cave Map Store (5c); Hotel (free pickup, small am. st.)
H Song Book Store (10c); Hotel (free pickup, medium am. st.)
I Guitar Church, behind mask (1c); Store (80c)
J Coins Chests (sometimes); Bank safe (sometimes); Used for purchases in the store
K Locket Hotel, first spider (sometimes); Hotel, behind cactus (if wearing boots and gloves)
L Earring Hotel, window, tower, first spider (sometimes)
M Bird Seed Store (3c)
N Cap Store (13c)

A Pick Cave (sometimes)
B Satchel Doctor's Office, free pickup
C Axe Store (11c)
D Key Church
E Oar River, free pickup
F Gloves Store (5c)
G Lasso Store (8c)
H Boots Store (20c)
I Ladder ?
J Magic Doctor's Office, Blue potion
K Towel Store (3c)
L Matches Store (2c)
M Revolver Store (45c)
N Can opener Store (4c)

Cheats - How do I use cheats?
>75C4 80 80Restore health and mental
F 75DC 75F8 7F
>75EA 01
Get 127 of any item

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