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Garfield Graphic Box
Title:Garfield Graphic Box
Category:Demo/Picture Show
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Released by:Gods Of The Universe (GOTU)
Coded by:T., KrisztiĆ”n (Kiki)
Notes:Contains 4 pictures featuring Garfield. The year is an estimate.
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User Rating: 3.6/10 (6 votes)
Garfield Graphic Box Screenshot

Program Text
Drawn by Kiki of GOTU

  garfield gfx box 1.    written by :                               -  kiki of gotu  -   ...  press 'f1' or 'f2' or 'f3' or 'help' to gfxs!  ...    greetings to :                                      - szoke of gotu -                     -  alex of lod  -                     - rachy of tit -                      - tarzan of tit -                     - fred of shitheads -                 - rocky of rockysoft -                -       and you      -            this is my first gfx box but don't the last! coming soon the - garfield gfx box 2. -  ... ... thanx to alex for the help !!!  ....  ....  ...   ..  .       restart:

Music Bug
The music is playing incorrectly. The music converter correctly uses $FF12 (one of the TED's sound registers), but unfortunately the rest of the code doesn't. To fix this, enter the following in monitor:
>1A12 2C
>1A52 2C
Which fixes the music (but breaks the picture switching functionality).

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