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Firedance Digi
Title:Firedance Digi
Release Date:
Device Req.:Disk only (1 side)
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Code Type:Basic + Machine code
Coded by:Norman (blinddarm)
Notes:Plays part of Odyssee Of Noises - Firedance (The Sunrise).
Download from Plus/4 World
Plus/4 World
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User Rating: 6.7/10 (4 votes)
Firedance Digi Title Screenshot

Firedance Digi Screenshot

Firedance Digi, made on January 5, 2018

Dear Friends of,

I do not have experience in programming this sweet little machine, but I always love to hear digi sounds.
Thanks to Csabo's Wave Converter, it's so easy to squeeze out some cool sounds and music samples on C16 and Plus/4.
And thanks to LUMYDCTT from Charlemagne, I quickly wrote a small intro in Basic.
Of course the digi itself needs 64K memory and will not run on unexpanded C16 machines.
Maybe next time I'll try to make a cool digi sample, even on 16K!

A happy new year 2018 and best regards from Germany,
Norman (Blinddarm)

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