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Finders Keepers
Title:Finders Keepers
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Product Code:2C 0059
Retail Price:£1.99
Game ending type:No end (highscore)
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Released by:Mastertronic
Converted by:Sheppard, Adrian
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    Amstrad CPC release

User Rating: 7.6/10 (14 votes)
Finders Keepers Title Screenshot

Finders Keepers Screenshot

Description: Commodore Világ 13 (Magazine/Hungarian) Page 25
Review: Zzap! Italia 7 (Magazine/Italian) Page 42
Citation: Retro Gamer 133 (Magazine/English) Page 36

TitleCreated byPlatformHomepageNotes
Finders KeepersPC

Cassette Front Cover
Cassette Front Cover
Cassette Side Cover
Cassette Side Cover
Cassette Back Cover
Cassette Back Cover

Download: finderskeepers-map.gif
Created by Csabo.
Description: Game Map
Dimensions: 1924x800
File size: 107 KB. Created on 2003-01-09.

Manual Inlay:
"The King of Isbismia is, to say the least, little upset. Tomorrow is his daughter's birthday and he has no idea what to get her. As Magic Knight you have been ordered to find the Princess Germintrude a very special present. This may be your chance to prove that you are worthy of joining the famed Ploygon Table, the highest honour that any knight could wish for!
The King transports you to the Castle of Spriteland which is teeming with many weird and not so wonderful creatures, many of whom are ghosts of former relatives of the Queen. Apart from the grisly ghouls and energy sapping creatures there are ghostly traders who are often quite willing to exchange the treasures that you find in the Castle for money which they stole in their former lives. If the trader will not sell you something it is because you do not have enough cash so you will have to sell something else.
Some objects will react with each other to form either more or less valuable objects to sell or collect.
However, you decide to collect as much treasure and cash as possible and escape from the Castle.
Joystick in Port 1 and action keys.
Q - Jump/UP
A - Down
N - Left
M - Right
D - Drop
E - Examine
G - Get
T - Trade

Solutions - Complete
The C64 version of the game has three possible solutions. Unfortunately they had to cut a lot of things out from the C16 version, so we end up with only one. The last sentence in the manual (which feels a bit out of place and hastily added) should also be a clue to this: "However, you decide to collect as much treasure and cash as possible and escape from the Castle". So no getting gift for the princess.

Below is the shortest possible solution.

To win the game, you have to blow up the Big Puss Without Boots, who's blocking the exit. You will need to make gunpowder from Saltpetre, Charcol and Sulphur. You will also need the Magic Flame and the Trans-Mat Key to get out of the Trans-Mat Room. The Saltpetre is in front of the Puss, and cannot be picked up, so you don't have to worry about it. The Magic Flame can be picked up freely. The other objects you have to buy for 200 + 11 + 23 = 234 pounds, so you need to pick up some objects and sell them for money. Let's see then:

- Leave the King's Palace.
- Go right, the right (up) again to the Room with a view.
- Pick up the Silver Goblet (it's worth 99 pounds).
- Go left, then left (up) again to the starting room and use the teleport.
- Go right, right and enter the castle maze.
- Pick up the Magic Flame from the top/right area.
- Find and enter the door at the right middle. You should be in Dr. Wombat's Laboratory.
- Go right, right.
- Sell the Silver Goblet to Anna.
- Also sell the Catmeat and Cheese to make room for more objects you need.
- Buy the Sulphur from Anna.
- Go left, left and enter the castle maze.
- Go to the very top/right corner, and you will be teleported.
- Find and enter the door at the left middle. You should be in Gort The Trader's Room.
- Go left, left and pick up the glue (it's worth 200 pounds).
- Go right, right.
- Sell the glue to Gort.
- Buy the Trans-Mat Key and the Charcol from him.
- Go left, left and use the trans-mat to teleport. You will be at the start room.
- Use the upper teleport again.
- Go left.
- Drop the Charcol and the Sulphur in front of the Puss.
- If you (E)xamine the object now it will show as Gunpowder.
- Drop the Magic Flame. The Puss disappears in an explosion.
- Exit the Castle to the left.

You escaped the castle, but the game doesn't really end, you can go back (and ultimately die). If you want a longer solution, you can try to collect as much money as possible.

Solutions - Longplay

Cheats - How do I use cheats?
Before even trying to load Finders Keepers into a REAL C16 +4 type the following program.

20 DATA 120,169,13,141,20,3,169,6,141,21,3,88,96,162,0,189
30 DATA 29,6,157,93,1,232,224,14,208,245,76,14,206,169,234,141,81,47,141,82
40 DATA 47,141,83,47,76,202,31

Then run the program by typing RUN and press ENTER
Then clear the program from basic memory by typing NEW and press ENTER
Make sure the Finders Keepers tape is at the beginning
Type SYS1536 and press ENTER

Load Finders Keepers by typing LOAD "FINDERS KEEPERS" and press ENTER
Unlimited energy
>2F51 2CUnlimited energy (Enter in emulator monitor)
>2F5C ADUnlimted lives (Enter in emulator monitor)

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