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Digital Acid
Title:Digital Acid
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Created by:K., Bj√∂rn (Fusion)
Notes:It plays samples from Humanoid's "Stakker Humanoid". (The release date in the scroll text is formatted the German way day/month/year, otherwise Musical Madness wouldn't predate this demo!)
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User Rating: 6.3/10 (8 votes)
Digital Acid Screenshot

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Image Gallery
Digital Acid Screenshot #1Digital Acid Screenshot #2

      woouw !!! what a bouncing screen...   yeah, it's fusion -man and machine- with a new demo: "digital acid"...    finished on 06.07.1989...      original c64 version by ash and dave...    code (of this intro, also part ii.) and logo by me...        the samples are digitized and remixed from 'humanoid - by stakker humanoid'...        for best effects:    turn the lights off, stand in the middle of the room and wave your arms about frantically...    acieed!!   ..err              press space (at your own risk !)          greetings are going to:   crown(well done, your 'iron maiden' demo)   -   pigmy   -   tppc   -   knm   -   deli   -   opi   -   kali   -   boomby   -   mat   -   supy   -   the mad(contact me!)   -   dragon(did you find a guy, who was able to write in the sideborder ?)   -   the frontier   -   lta   -   rts   .......        hey knm, watch the code, it's not so complicate as your flexible line dysp !!!             if you wanna contact 'fusion', write to:     -fusion- , koehlstr.70 , 5300 bonn 1 , west-germany    ...................      see ya soon fans !!!                                                            

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