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Darth Vader
Title:Darth Vader
Release Date:
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Code Type:Basic
Game ending type:Has an end, game ends
Converted by:F., Győző (ACS)
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    C64 version (English)

User Rating: 2/10 (2 votes)
Darth Vader Screenshot

This game is based on a C64 public domain adventure by the same name: Darth Vader. It's poorly translated from English to Hungarian, with often hilarous results:

Original English This game (Hungarian) Translation
My blaster's reloaded. A bombaim visszapattannak. My bombs bounce back.
There's not enough room... Dump something. Ott nincs eleg hely... Valami nyirkos. There's no room there... Something is damp.
He looks p-r-e-t-t-y mean to me. O nagyon csinosan nez ki. He looks very attractive.
I'd rather not... He might hit back! Inkabb ne... Hatrafele is tud utni. I'd rather not... He's capable of hitting backwards.
It says "out of order" Mondja "kirendeltseg" It says "branch office"
A tag which says: needs turbo Cipofuzo mondja: kell gyorsito Shoelace says: needs turbo

These examples are just funny and/or weird. There are bigger problems, some of them inconsistencies that make the game very hard to understand (but still completable), and one bug that makes the game impossible to complete.

Inconsistencies: in the original, the player must enter the vault. The game will ask "Who goes there?" and the player must type "SAY SECURITY". There's a hint for this, when the player reads a graffiti, the last line of the graffiti is "SAY SECURITY" (that's the clue). In this game, they player must type "MONDD BIZTOSITEK" (SAY FUSE), and the last line of the graffiti - what should be the clue - is "MONDD TITKOS" (SAY SECRET).

Bug: the original has two items "PLANS" and "DEVICE". These have been translated to "TERV" and "TERVEK" (plan and plans) respectively. Since the game checks only the first 4 characters of each word, the second item cannot be picked up. Also, line 560 stops with UNDEF'D STATEMENT ERROR, since the GOTO 16 should be GOTO 160.

Solutions - Complete
Note: the game cannot be completed unless the change below in line 2960 is made. Megjegyzés: a játékot nem lehet befejezni, csak a 2960-as sor alábbi módosításával.



d, l, d, k, k, e
vedd disk
vedd bomba
vedd loszer
d, d, k
vedd nyaklanc
vedd kopeny
n, n, e, n
vedd uzemanyag
n, e, f
ejtsd nyaklanc, ejtsd kopeny, ejtsd uzemanyag
l, e, e
masol disk
loj tudos
** vedd fedezo **
vedd gyorsito
vedd i.d.
vedd terv
d, n, e, l
vedd pisztoly
n, e, k, d, f
ejtsd fedezo, ejtsd gyorsito, ejtsd terv, ejtsd pisztoly
l, d, k, k, d, n
loj rohamosztagos
** vedd vazlat **
vedd kulcs
vedd kommunikator
nyomd gomb
d, k, e, n, n, e, f
ejtsd vazlat
l, d, k, k, d, l, e
vedd nagy mac
olvasd graffiti
f, e, e
vedd terkep
e, f, l
nyisd ajto
ejtsd kulcs
vedd hercegno
e, n
etesd robot
e, f, d, n, n, e, n, n, e, f
ejtsd hercegno, ejtsd terkep
l, e, k, k
mondd biztositek
mutasd i.d.
vedd kristaly
n, n, d, f
ejtsd kristaly
mondd szezam
nyomd gomb

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