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Cybernews was an ambitious but very short lived disk magazine by Hard. It was coded by Toxyc who was also responsible for most of the content. In contrast to many other plus/4 disk mags from Germany at that time, it had a stronger scene focus and was completely written in English.
Only two issues were released. Even though the third issue wasn't meant to be, Haegar had already finished the title graphic and fortunately it's not lost but can be seen in Haegar's First Graphic Box.

Cybernews No 01
Title:Cybernews No 01
Category:Magazine/First Issue [ More Issues ]
Release Date:
Device Req.:Disk only (1 side)
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Released by:Hard
Coded by:G., Sebastian (Toxyc)
Notes:AKA Cyber News. The 3rd section (Game Corner) was also spreaded as a single release.
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Cybernews No 01 Title Screenshot

Cybernews No 01 Screenshot

Magazine Text
Section 1:

              editorial        page 01..
well,here it is...the first internatio-
nal diskmag made by hard which is called
"why another mag ? there are already
good diskmags!" you'll probably ask's the answer...
you'r rite,there are good magz (4 xample
nukepaper,etc.) but they all have one
common disadvantage:either they are
written in german or in hungarian and so
german freax aren't able to read the
hungarian mags and vice versa..
this mag tries to be the answer.
because of the fact that allmost all
gooz on both side of the border are cap-
able of speakin' english (and be it on
a very low niveau..) this mag is pub-
lished in this fashion !

page 02..
and now sumthing about controling this:
press space for one screen forward ,
press commkey for one screen back and
press run/stop for returning to the
well,what else should be mentioned......
oh yes..
a pardey (called hardey) will be held
in marco polo's city called bergkamen
(germany).the date is the 27th of decem-
ber in there,be square !
invitations will be sent to all cool
dudes soon !see you there !
hm,do ya know all hard-members ?here are
their names and professions:

toxyc (thatz me!)- code,gfx
marco polo - swaps
haegar - gfx artist
m w t - hardware,gfx
page 03..
ok,back to da mag:
another advantage of cybernews is that
it is free of charge !

the complete hard crew hopes that you'll
have lots of fun with diz first issue
of cybernews !
p.s.:i have chosen this name,bcoz i
think that cyberpunk is cooooooool !
neuromancer and shadowrun rule !

bye bye babes,see you soon...

toxyc of hard is signin' off...

contact hard's headquarter under
sebastian grote
lohberg 6a
w-3057 neustadt 2

Section 2:

      news of the world        page 01..
heyho,let's go! this is toxyc on the
keyz! in this section of cybernews al-
most all important news in the plus four
scene r mentioned! ok,letz start...

we (hard) are going to release our first
demo'll be called contact!. co-
ding by me as toxyc !watch out !

this year there'll be a german compi-x-
mas demo. cream of tdc links and pax the
parts. if ya have a good one send it to
him until november 30th.

synergy has released sum cool stuffs...
especially cool is the digimixer !
other ones:out of border,gothix-mix,out-
run mix, galli's turn, amok music #9.

dan (former called track 0) is coding
the plus four version of the old but
kewl arcarde game space taxi at the mo-
page 02..
it'z no conversation !short description
of the game :you fly a space taxi and
have to catch poeple and drive them to
other platforms (pads).its not easy to
control the taxi,coz of a very kewl co-
ded lazyness-control !i think, if it's
ready,it'll be one of the best games for
this machine! watch out for this re-
lease!if we have luck and all worx well,
it'll be released this year !

marco polo of hard is selling tgms'
games now! the prices will be very low
and the money is going to be spent by
buying hardware for tgms (he nuke, don't
be angry !)! more information in cyber-
news soon !

a very very cool new game by tgms is
dizzy 3 !! it's converted from c64.
you play an egg that has to rescue its's a very good jump'n'run game!
the animations are so neat !get it !
page 03..
the sidcard from csory (hi guy!) will be
ready in the middle of november!write to
nukeman for information bout this cool
piece of hardware! no waveplayers any-
more! yeeeeaaaarghh ! thaz it !
future issues of cybernews will support
the sidcard !!

there's a new diskmag from synergy. it's
called signal.the first issue is pd, but
bionic and galli don't know if future
issues are still pd. good luck, guyz !

the german compy-x-mas pardey will be
held at the 27th of december in bergka-
men. for brief information write to
marco polo (adress in section #6 !).

chicken is in america as an exchange pu-
pil at the moment. he got a stipendium
from the german government. cool, isn't
it ?? he lives in texas (yippie yeah !
cowboy!) and he'll be back in 1993.
page 04..
hm,what else to say ?
yes, i got it: christian schaeffner
sells a digitizer,that is very cool !
marco polo and haegar bought it, and its
sample quality is very good ! contact
c.s. for this ..

ok,that's all for this section.


Section 3:

            game corner         page01..
yo palz! toxyc's here ! in this section
we gonna discuss wether converted games
are illegal in germany or not.

mwt has phoned several software-houses
and they all said him, that they don't
produce stuffs for plus four anymore.
bcoz of diz fact, it is no financial
loss for the firm if sum cool dudez con-
vert games that are published by the
software-house on sixtyfour.
but nevertheless,there are copyrights on
the graphics and the sound and if graphx
and soundz are converted the same copy-
rights exist on plus four.
so from this point of view it is illegal
to convert games and spread 'em.
but i think the main question is still
if there is a financial loss,and as men-
tioned above, we think there is no !!!

and another fact that stands for the le-
gality for convertations is that they
are mostly produced in hungary, and in
this country the copyright restrictions
and definitions are different from the
german (hey,hungarians !is everything i
said right ? i think yes, but if i've
made a mistake, let me know).

i think no real plus four freak in ger-
many can ignore the convertations that
come from hungary, coz almost all are hq
produx and the game-scene would be so
dull without them.
and also from the moral point of view i
see no hindrance to accept convertations
and use 'em.
but in the german scene there is also
one guy totally against convertations...
the elder of synergy !
he was catched by da copz and had to pay
a large amount of money.
but listen to me,kiss-fan, i think the
main problem is not that covertations
are illegal,but that the german law
enforcement officers (cool word for the
cops,hihi!) aren't able to make a dif-
ference between plus four and sixtyfour.
they are simply too stupid and have no
knowledge of computers !
a game on sixtyfour is not the same as
the converted counterpart on plus four.
many thing have to be done..the code has
to be changed,colors,sprites,
is definetily a hard work ! converting
demoparts is almost everytime easy if u
see it in relation to game-converting.

so,the elder,don't scold bout the users
who have convertations,scold about these
stupid copz !!
but, if ya wanna have your opinion pub-
lished in cybernews,send me a letter !
this is a neutral diskmag,where everyone
can say his opinion. your letter will be
published in the next issue. and also
the other guys...send me a letter bout
this subject !
i think a good resolution for this non-
existing problem is to change the name
of the converted program,alter the gfx a
little bit and remove da copyrights.

but a much bigger problem is, that sum
lame losers annd firms are selling pd at
a very high price...fuck off,shitheads !

for example elektronik technik peters in
trappenkamp sells disx at a price of
dm 19,95 per one.

in my opinion this is one of the most
important problems at the moment.
another one are the quarrels between
several guys, but this subject will be
discussed in another issue.

toxyc and man without time

Section 4:

                trix            page01..
here's the trix-corner and marco polo of
the favorite hard-crew is on the keys
to help you playing

d i z z y iii
first of all i must say,that you had to
collect all coins,which are in the game.

in the first picture take the bread and
the water.use the water on the fire.go
west.go up.drop the bread.go up.then you
will arrive a picture with a staircase.
go up to the you go up again
and collect the coin.go back and then up
to the west.go to the switch and press
your 'firebutton'.
go up and collect the second coin in the
tower.then go east to your friend den-
zil and press fire.after a small talk he
gives you a rope.collect the rope and
the third coin above denzil.

go back to the west and then up.then a
second time up.then right and collect in
the castle staircase the coin.
go up and get the bone.go back down and
right.then you'll see a key,but you
carry to much.remember the place of the
key when you need it !!!!!
now you go down to the room with the
staircase.go down รบ left.get the coin in
front of this "door".pass the door by
goind the next picture you will
see an armarog.go in thw hole in the
right corner and get the heavy boulder.
then go a few steps left and at the
entering of the hole use the bone.then
the armarog seems to be busy with the
bone and you can pass him by going west.
you had to go two pictures left and then
there will be a well ...

to be continued !!!

page 03..
in the dizzy iii there is a cheat,which
is used as follows :

press in the picture after the intro the
'y' key.then you will have unlimited
live.when you press space,you'll only
have three lives.

now a little hint to clean the speedball
statistics.(the hint was given to me at
nuke's pardey from tcfs !!!)

first type :
monitor + return

l"r",8 + return

at last marco polo

that's all for this first issue of
cybernews in this trix-corner.
hope that i'll see you in the second
issue or on the pardey at the



ciao says

y7 7p
m a r c o p o l o

o f

l ====== :

Section 5:

                demoz          page 01..
yo mates! as an introduction i wanna
welcum u 2 thiz new mag. hope, the guyz
r hard enough to go on releasing it, coz
iz a hell of a job always searching 4
crap 2 write. so hopefully...

i wanna chat bout demo-fx, coz there r
many guyz who can't name all fx right.
additionally i'm going to give a short
description to each effect.
1.rasterbars (every1 knows that i belie-
ve) r all kind of lines that r 4med by
manipulating the ted's $15 and/or $19.
normally the 2 registers r modified each
2.techtech is a kind of screen wobbling
which is a result of manipulation of the
ted's $07 (x-offset in bits 0-2). if u
modify the reg in each line u get a kind
of sinus-wobbling (using the right table
is of course the most important thing)
or any other kind of movement u like.

page 02..
3.fld is short for flexible line dis-
tance. when sumthing (logo or scroller)
on the screen is moving up and down a
quite long way, iz often fld. iz a sim-
ple method:rasterline in accu,least sig-
nificant 3 bits isolated and stored in
ted $06. then u've to wait 'til the ted
has displayed 8 lines before u can re-
store the real y-offset ($ff06).

4.1-pixel fld is no real fld, it just
looks like. the trick is to switch the
used character set ($13) each line. the
different sets r each rotated 1 byte in
y-direction.this effect makes stretching
and things like fld or sumthing possi-

5.dycp means different yielding charac-
ter position. iz often called sinus-
scroller, but thaz sumthing different,
coz the y-positions of the chars in the
sin-scroll r, once calculated,constant.
page 03..
in contrast the y-positions of all visi-
ble chars in the dycp r variable.
6.hi-fli-techtech also called plasma is
a kind of techtech and dycp in one. the
only difference is that the dycp-part of
the plasma doesn't scroll the fli-chars
(fli:see below) but just moves them up
and down.
7.fli is short for flexible line inter-
pretation what means that the color-ram
is changed each rasterline. actually iz
not copied but switched ($14) what re-
quires 8 color-rams (switched in order
0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-0-1...). that makes the
8*8 pads have their own color-ram-byte
each. the result: normally u can use 4
color in each 8*8 pad, with fld there r
4 colors per 8*1 available so that each
dot can have iz own color.

page 04..
ok, that should be enuff.i hope u didn't
get it wrong. this shouldn't be a lamer-
course (like sum older guyz used to do)
thaz why the descriptions r quite - eh -
short. so long...

(not a hard-member!!)

Section 6:

  german and hungarian contax   page01..
hi there !friendship rules and toxyc is
here again !ok,in this section,we print
your personal advertisements,therefore
send yours to me faaast,it will be pub-
lished in 1 of da next cybernews !!
ok,here we goooooo...
contact the worldwide best swapper (n0.2
in the cybernews "best german swapper"
list,yo!) called marco polo of hard un-
der: marco bojda
4709 bergkamen
and another1:this is the number of toxyc
(former called resetter)of hard.if ya
wanna chat or get infos about cn,then
ring me up under the following number:
0049 (for ger..)-05072-1831 !

and another hard member's adress...
haegar c/0 michael gantefoer
ger-4690 herne 1
and the last one of hard...
(i know that everyone of you is a hard-
freak(hehe!),but he is a cool hardware-
m w t
erich sonnenburg
ger-4708 kamen
i think the relations between the hun-
garians and the germans have to be im-
proved and held upright,coz friendship
is the most important thing in this cool
computer-scene !plus four rules !
i think the quarrel between ceekay and
dark was one of the worst things that

happened to our scene !shame on you,
guys !ok,in fact,there are fuckin' shit-
heads,but it's better to simply ingore
them (no,i'll tell you no names !).
ok,another thing(it normally doesn't fit
in this section,but never mind!):
everybody can send a disk with his vo-
tinx,messages,advertisements on it,and
he'll get the latest cn issue !the only
condition is that ya have to send votinx
!!if ya do this,(yo,ready 4 this?) you
have to send no postage !!coool,dudes !

i think this is a very good offer,isn't
it ?? therefore send your votinx to me
faaaast !
i dunno the exact releasing date for cy-
bernews 02,it depends on your reactions!
but it will be in less than two months..
"cybernews--what else ?"

Section 7:

               hiscorz         page 01..
yo ! in this section of cn,cool stuffs
'n' gooz are mentioned in the hall of
fame!vote 4 cybernews and send the vo-
tings to marco polo of hard.....

becoz of the fact that this is the first
issue,i have created the lists......
+ best german coder +
01..........dan --- tek
03..........chicken ---
04..........bionic synergy
05..........apos charon
06..........doc death tek
07..........tbh tdc
08..........toxyc hard
09..........cream tdc
10..........galli synergy
page 02..
+ best german gfx man +
01......haegar hard
02......galli synergy
03......toxyc hard
04......apos charon
05......cream tdc
+ best german swapper +
01......nukeman chains
02......marco polo hard
03......cbt tdc (??)
04......the elder synergy

page 03..
+ best german crews +
ok,this are the german-ranx.if you don't
like 'em...send your votinx with your
favourite crew or guy at the top !!
i think it is better to make a diffe-
rence between ger and hun crews and gooz
,because the hungarians are producing
much more demoz and games,and many are
better than the ger productions...
moreover,there are much more crews in
hungary than in germany !
but if ya have a better idea,send a let-
ter to me !critizice this mag !
ok,now the hungarian charts...

page 04..
+ best hungarian coder +
01......tcfs chains
02......csory ---
03......oscar evs
04......proky sex'n'spirit
05......sjp evs
06......tgms ---
07......jimy edc
08......doky sex'n'spirit
09......beast methabolix
10......sensor methabolix
+ best hungarian gfx man +
---------------------------------------- evs
02......unreal methabolix
03......tmts scorpions
04......omen sex'n'spirit
05......proky sex'n'spirit

page 05..
+ best hungarian crews +
the hiscorz are not very good,but you
can make them better ! just vote ! the
more votinx come,the more precise are
the ranx !!
and now the the international games and
demo charts...

page 06..
+ best games +
01......battery 2 tcfs
02......grand prix c. tcfs
03......dizzy 3 tgms
04......laser squad 2 tgms
05......elite pigmy
+ best demos +
01......imagine edc
02......megadreams evs
03......unit 61 scorpions
04......2 years evs evs brainst.methabolix
ok,that's it !! vote 4 cybernews !
i say it again: v o t e !!!
that's all folx !

Section 8:

       regards'n'greetings      page01..
"cybernetic enhancements are just the
thing to get you wired."
yes,all things cum to an end...cybernews
isn't an exeption !!
but be4 this mag will end,i wanna thank
several people and send my best regards
to them....
many thanx to tlc for the cool waveplay-
er,to bionic for the digiplayer and sum
zax and to dan for sum text and help.

sounds in sections 1 and 7 converted
from c64 by me at the raed aed's place.

this charset by me as toxyc,digi in the
intro digitized by marco polo.
coding by toxyc !
that were the we'll go on to
the other greetings...

page 02..
and now the other greetings:

dan , nukeman , apos , chicken , magnum,
rat , synergy , tdc , tek , c.s. , marco
polo , haegar and m w t in germany and

tcfs , evs , edc , tgms , scorpions ,
sex'n'spirit , csory , fyc , methabolix
in hungary !

stay cool,guys !

ok,i hope you liked this issue and impa-
tient await the next one....
and remember:if you send a disk with
votings,you don't have to pay postage !!

press space one last time !
(snief !)

page 03..

***** * * ***** ***** **** ****
* * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * *
* ***** *** *** * * * *
* * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * *
* * * ***** ***** * * ****

made in 1992 by

hard design


Copyright © Plus/4 World Team, 2001-2018