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Canoe Slalom
Title:Canoe Slalom
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Basic + Machine code
Retail Price:6,95£
Game ending type:No end (highscore)
Released by:Tynesoft Computer Software
Re-released by:Soft
Re-released by:Express Software
Coded by:Davison, Ian
Notes:There's a game with the same name by Red-Arrow Software.
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User Rating: 4.1/10 (6 votes)
Canoe Slalom Title Screenshot

Canoe Slalom Screenshot

Derived Software

Appeared On Compilations
Peek And Poke 3

Review: Compute Mit SA 2/86 (Magazine/German) Page 36

Cassette Cover
Cassette Cover
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Cassette Front Cover (No label)
Cassette Inlay (Instructions)
Cassette Inlay (Instructions)


FRGCB Review
Retrieved 2016-02-16 from

Canoe Slalom (1985, Tynesoft; 16k)

Tynesoft is a strange company. I never really had a properly good experience with any of their games, but at least they had a lasting impression on me with their multi-load sports titles trying to emulate the success of Epyx's multi-load sports games. Not until recently did I know that they were rather well known for releasing licensed ports of some big games for smaller systems, such as Spy vs. Spy, Boulder Dash and Jet Set Willy for the Acorn computers.

They also did a few sub-par exclusive games for the smaller systems, such as this one. Canoe Slalom is pretty much what it says in the title - you manoeuvre your canoe around a fast flowing river and slalom through gates while avoiding natural obstacles. You will encounter two types of gates in the game: light blue ones, which you go through normally, and yellow ones, which you must reverse through. You can also go between two logs for extra points.

Unlike most canoe slaloming games of the time, this one has an isometric point of view, and the game scrolls quite well. It's too bad the game happens on a completely straight river, but then again, this is one of the earliest examples of isometric water-based games, so you cannot expect too much of it. At least it has a course designer, which is always a plus. In that at least, I can say it's a fairly unique combination for such a simple game with an underutilised concept.

Cheats - How do I use cheats?
>149D 30Unlimited gate lives
>14A3 30Unlimited canoes

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